Martha Stewart and the Aussie of Doom

Pictures from the Southern California Darkfriend Social
December 7 - 9, 2001

Many people at the social accused me of being responsible for the appearance of an inflatable kangaroo. I assure you that despite my responsibility for the presence of an inflatable sheep sex toy at the July '98 social, I had nothing to do with this toy. At least not until after it was blown to erection, anyway. Here are a few pictures taken on my camera:

  1. Heather blows the kangaroo. This task fell to her when she insisted she had more experience and skill than anyone else.

  2. Kangaroo gets friendly with Bill Garrett. Hey, what's a little leg-humping between friends?

  3. Bill and the 'roo go at it. No, really, I don't want to hold public office.

  4. Reactions. Bill McCarthy takes pictures on his own camera while Noell, Dave, and Eric crack up laughing at our antics with the little Aussie.

  5. Noell takes a turn. We should have been more polite and let her go first instead of getting sloppy seconds (or thirds, or fourths, or whatever number we were up to). It's her inflatable sex toy.

  6. Noell takes another turn. The kangaroo went limp after being gangbanged, so Noell brings him back up.

  7. Fisted!. BillG gets his arm nearly up to the elbow inside the poor little guy from down under's hind end. BillM looks on.

by Bill Garrett, copyright 2001
garrett (at)
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