Pictures from the Social

We took this picture at the restaurant (notice the gaudy background... I would NEVER have junk like that in my living room). Left to right: Rick Moen (in black), Lisa Postow (yellow shirt), Emma Pease (kneeling in front), Brian Postow (behind Emma), Drew Gillmore (behind Brian), Bill Garrett (in the western get-up), and Troy Terry.

We all look better in the larger version of the picture. It's a 670x462 JPEG, 90KB.

Back at the ranch, Rick (left) and Drew (right) got in a fight, which may have started over Drew's recent behavior on the newsgroup. Here you can see them taking a break from whipping each other to smile for the camera.

Things quieted down soon after that, once we all settled around my "Darkfriend Family Album" picture book to laugh at everyone else who's ever been seen at a DFS. Note Brian wearing Hawk's Aes Sedai shawl wrapped around his head... it's pictures such as this that make folks laugh when they see my album.

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Bill Garrett