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Perrin & Fail ride back to the Winespring Inn, and have that kind of sex favored by Mike "Sir MPS" Maccionne. Master Al'Vere get lots of complaints from the other guests, and so decides to build them a house. Meanwhile, the Village Councils of the various 2 Rivers towns start plotting Revolution.

Off in the woods, Verin & Alanna (both Black) (sorry, erica, it's a plot device, really it is :) look over the still form of the Whitecloak they have captured. Alanna does an involuntary bonding on Child Hillyard and compells him to accuse certain upholders of the light of being Darkfriends, causing much confusion and evil, within the 2 rivers and without.

Aram has a dream in which one of the new dreadlords, named "Roy," gives him orders to kill Faile, and thereby drive Perrin to madness. However, Aram still has certain "way of the leaf" instincts, and so he just skulks around Perrin and Faile's new house, being generically suspicious. Loial observes Aram's strange behavior, and twitches his ears, muttering something about how he should have stayed in the stedding.

nicely, she'll do both?"

Bain, Chiad, and Gaul play AMK (Advanced Maidens' Kiss :) up in the Mountains of Mist. During one of their games, they come across a broken crown, which they bring back to Emond's Field and give to Perrin as a wedding present.

Nobody sees anything of Lord Luc, who was last seen travelling in the direction Ordeith went.

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