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Manetheran rises again!!!

It was the start of a new day, Perrin rose quietly from the bed, careful not to disturb his newly wedded bride. Faile's head was snuggled tightly against a pillow, a perpetual grin on her face as she dreamt of the night that just passed. Perrin himself looked back fondly at the night's activity, his gaze resting on Faile's wildly disheveled hair. Light, she is beautiful and she is all mine, Perrin thought to himself.

Outside, the sun shone brightly onto a village that had seen better days. The scars of the battle fought just a day ago were evident in the burnt houses and piles of ashes where Trolloc bodies had blazed the night sky. Perrin sauntered through the village, lording over his minions, his yellow eyes gleaming in the morning sun. Shouts of Perrin Goldeneyes rang throughout the village and people came up to him, unsure whether to bow or to clap him on the back, so they did both. A crowd started to gather round him and Aram, the lost Tinker appeared beside him, ready to follow him into the depths of Shayol Ghul itself. Aram, with sword hanging on his side as if it belonged there, fell to his knees.

"The Light shine on us, Manetheran has risen again Lord Perrin", Aram's eyes were full of fervent worship, Aram, the one who had hated him with a passion when Perrin first met him. Aram, the one who would now cut his own hand off if it offended Perrin. Following Aram's example, the crowd all knelt and yelled as one "Taishar, Manetheran". Long live Manetheran.

The truth of Lord Luc

The floor of the Winespring Inn was littered with the injured and dying. Alanna Sedai flitted from person to person healing those that were on the verge of death, and frowning at others. Ivhon and Tomas were both there playing Stone Paper and Scissor. They argued furiously over a particular outcome of the game (My paper beats your stone. No it doesn't, my stone has really, really sharp edges forged by the one power). Perrin nodded his head, those Warders are pretty stupid, he thought to himself as he walked into a room that held a captive Lord Luc. Inside the room, Lord Luc was lying on the bed with a bandage circling his chest. Verin and Faile were also there, both with frowns on their faces.

"What are you doing here with that darkfriend", Perrin exclaimed.

"What do you mean, how could you call him such after what he has done..." Faile's words trailed off as Verin's hands touched her shoulder.

"I do believe Perrin is correct", Verin Sedai said "Lord Luc is one who walks in the shadow, Lord Luc is Isam". Puzzlement came over Perrin's face but Lord Luc gasped as he struggled to get up, the OP holding him down with bonds of air. "He is your Slayer of the Wolf dreams, or what is known as Tel'aran'rhiod".

After much torture, including the tickle of the feet torture, Lord Luc broke down and admitted to everything. "My god, I met Isam in the high passes where we fought for a whole day, he bested me and he brought me to Shayol Ghul where thirteen Myrdraal bonded us together. I had many experiences there that were... frightening. While there, Isam was transported to the to the Dream world because he was too recognizable in the Borderlands. We were then told to capture Aiel warriors, especially the ones who could channel. It was then that a band of Aiel happened upon us. Haha, it was very strange, one of them just stood there as I sliced him up. As the Aiel scattered, we captured many of them and brought them to Shayol Ghul to turn them to the dark. Some of them swore oaths to the Great Lord and the others are held captive until we can get thirteen BA to turn them to the dark". With that, Lord Luc started to gasp and clutch his side, where an invisible wound ailed him. "Oh no, Isam is dead, I must live! The renegade is still alive, I must kill him. I can no longer hold it in.", with that, he farted, collapsed and died.

The Palace

They shuffled out of the room stunned from what Luc had said, but also from that nasty methane smell. Both Ivhon and Tomas looked up from their game of dice where they had been pitifully beaten by Loial time after time. Loial had a stack of coins in front of him and was the proud new owner of two shifting cloaks.

Perrin and Faile stumbled out the Inn with Loial following them out.

"Perrin, they have asked me to sing wood for them", Loial said happily.

"That is great Loial, who asked you and why?", Faile said before Perrin could open his mouth.

Greatly enthused, Loial said "The villagers have asked me to build a palace, the new palace of Manetheran, they want me to plant a grove here Perrin. Did you here that, a grove! It will be the best, better than the one that used to be here, the palace will be made of sung wood and will be grand, with the grove beside it".

"Whoa, hold Loial, a palace? For who?", Perrin knew what Loial was going to say, his stomach had a sinking feeling.

"For Lord Perrin Goldeneyes", Tam said as he slid in from behind Perrin. "The people want no other, and I for one want no other as well".

I should have stamped out that lord nonsense harder, Perrin thought, but hey I get a awesome new house!

The Tinkers

The tinkers were readying themselves among the wagons, ready to leave once again. Perrin strode into the centre of the wagon camp where Raen and Ila were packing up. Aram, with his troubled eyes, was just a pace behind Perrin.

"Get out, we do not want you!", Ila cried, eyeing the sword that Aram carried she said "You are lost! Lost! Lost! You have given up the Way of the Leaf", with that, she turned, fell flat on her face as her legs got tangled up and fled into a wagon.

"I am sorry about what happened Perrin, the wheel weaves as the wheel will but we mourn for our families as well as our lost ones", Raen looked at Aram when he said that. "You will be welcome into the wagons again once you are ready to join the Way of the Leaf again, Aram". Aram, with tears brimming his eyes, ran to Raen, tripped and fell, got up and ran to hug Raen.

"They killed my mother, I could have stopped them. I do not think I will be able to follow the Way of the Leaf again, not after what I did", Aram sobbed.

"Everyone is welcome in the wagons, even Perrin, when he chooses to give up the axe", with that Raen saluted them, gave them the farewell speech, walked back to his wagon. Perrin watched Raen leave, watched him stumble a couple of times and smash his knee into the side of the wagon. These people are clumsy, Perrin thought, they would never make good warriors, haha, tinkers as warriors? Perrin almost pissed his pants at this funny thought.

A small group of tinkers approached them.

"We wish to stay and learn to fight, like Aram". Aram nodded his head and said "You give up the Way of the Leaf, you will be banished from the wagons, are you prepared for this?", they all nodded in unison, though some edged back a step before firming up their resolve.

"We are prepared, we are ready, we will kill and be killed", one of them picked up a spear. With this, they could be magnificent warriors, even beating those with swords, they could take over the world...

A Messenger from Caemlyn

A horn blasted throughout the village, people rushed out to see what was happening. In the centre of the village square, a weary messenger sat upon horse. He waited until enough people filed into the square, then he unrolled a parchment, cleared his throught, then he read "The Queen of Andor, Queen Morgase is dead. Long live the new king, long live King Gaebril", with that he rode out of the village leaving behind a stunned crowd.

"Morgase is dead. Gaebril is now king.", Tam muttered to himself as if it did not really matter to him.

"We must do something", Perrin said.

"Why?", Abell asked, "Andor has a king, there is nothing to do".

"Gaebril is Ravhin the Cho... uh.. Forsaken", Verin stuttered. Alanna was staring at Verin strangely.

Perrin also stared at Verin, then at Alanna, Alanna returned his stare with an admiring glance "We must despose Ravhin, we can do it!", with that he jumped onto his horse and galloped a couple of steps before realizing that everyone was staring at him. "Come on, move your lazy bones, we got a city to conquer and a Forsaken to kill!".

End of the book.

What happens after (a short summary)

Perrin and the Two Rivers army goes to Caemlyn but while journeying there they run into Mazrim Taim, who is chained up by Black Ajah. A small force led by the two Aes Sedai and the Aiel break him free and they kill all the Black Ajah. Mazrim is again chained, but this time by the two AS in Perrin's company. They arrive at Caemlyn to find that the Dragon Reborn with his army of Aiel took over the city already. Gaul, Chiad, and Bain rejoice and meet up with their people and Tam finds out that his son is the Dragon Reborn (Tam walks up to an Aiel, hi he says, my name is Tam Al'Thor. The aiel replies, I know an Al'Thor, do you know a Rand from the Two Rivers, he's my hero, and by the way, he's the DR).

Mazrim is freed and becomes the second of the new 100 Companions.

Faile and Perrin meet up with Davram, who is stunned when he finds that his daughter is happily married to some wolf guy.

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