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Winner: First Place, Most Novel (tie)

Second Place, Most Humorous (tie)

Plot submission for TFoH

Rand is approached by one of the Wise Ones. She gives him a ring that was left to him by his uncle. Together with his friends, merry Matrim and grinning Perrin, he go off to fight Sauron...I mean the evil one. The ghost of his desceased mother, who was really one of the bene gaes sedai leads him on his way as he becomes addicted to spice and rides the sand worms. Golem, I mean Padain Fain meets them on the way and slices Rand's finger...no! his entire hand off before plummeting into Shayol Ghul and his water is retrieved for all.

Meanwhile when Egwene wakes up from the world of dreams with a broken leg and a concussion in a small resthome run by two wisdoms, she realizes that one of her eight sisters is out to get her to prevent her from taking over the throne that her real father has abandoned. She begins to believe that she has been suffering from amnesia, that the mayor and his wife are not really her parents and that, in fact, she is living in only a shadow of the Real World of which Tel'ar'rhiond is just a part. She keeps thinking about unicorns. She begins to understand that Lanfear has taken over Garnet...Sapphire...something like that and intends to keep her in this rest home forever. She overcomes the wisdoms, dresses in silver and black, the colors of house Jhereg, and begins the ShadowWalk home through the ter'angreal.

Elsewhere, the Aiel freemen point Rand in the direction of his next conquest over the spine of the world. He has sired an illegitimate child on his hitherto unknown sister. His marriage to Avienda is on the rocks because of this seduction and because she was seduced by Lan and betrayed his trust. Meanwhile, he is uniting all the countries of the world and giving them the true law.

Siuan Sanche, cut off from laran, decides to bed Logain now that fear for clogging her channels has passed. However, the fling is so electrifying that he is ungentled and starts calling himself Conan.

Loial decides that he is sick of being just an Ogier and takes up assasination, and his best friend Kiera the Thief helps place him in the house of the Jhereg when Egwene arrives. Just as the Seanchin are going to blind her and throw her into the dungeon by the grace of Lanfear, Mat pleads for her life and sacrifices one of his own eyes for her.

Bayle Domon learns that his true name is Beldomon and that he is heir to a small island country and is destined to rule the west. Egeanin reveals that she is not entirely human and is in fact part tree. Beldomon cuts her up and uses her to build a new ship. He hires crewmen Scotty and Bones to help him run this new schooner.

Nynaeve is busy trying to establish herself as the twin sister of the ruler of Illian. She keeps trying to hide her claws and the other evidence of her Shanir nature. Lan, in penitence for his affair with Avienda, keeps showing up at the Catteracts, but is not permitted entrance into the forbidden tower.

In the end, Sauron dies.

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