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               as revealed to  
               Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
     Who has recently developed the Talent of Prophesy  


Egwene completes her training as a dreamer and returns to the Tower. On her way she hears about the coup. As she comes closer to Tar Valon she gathers many of the scattered Aes Sedai around her. They go on to take back the Tower.

In the process we learn that Egwene's Accepted Test was fairly accurate because the ring Ter Angreal reacted with the Testing Ter Angreal forcing her into a world much closer to the one they currently live in. Elaida is "Blacker than the rocks of Shayol Ghul!" (How can this be reconciled with the glimpse into her mind in TSR? Simple!)

Elaida has long been a power hungry Wench! Her first prophetic experience convinced her (in her natural Red zeal to defeat the Dark One) that the most powerful position for her was to guide the Andor line in its role against the DO. She set aside her aspirations to the Amyrlin seat to become the Aes Sedai appointed to the court of Andor. Shortly after her arrival in Andor she sent Red Ajah after Thom's nephew Owyn knowing that he would go to Owyns rescue without telling Morgase why. Thus she eliminated her only rival for most trusted advisor.

Then after Morgase returns from Tar Valon mad as hell that SS would not tell her where Elayne was She sends Elaida packing. On her return to Tar Valon, Elaida becomes convinced that SS is up to something and maybe it is time that somebody else is AS. She confides in The White sister whose name I can't remember.

(BUT we already knew all this. now for some completely new insight into the background on the coup)

For her efforts in the coup Elaida is taken by her friend in white (who is BA) to a gathering of 13 BA and 13 Myrdraal where she is turned against her will to the DO.

Now my brain is completely strained to remember anything so this is all for now maybe I'll send more later

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