5 Hangin' loose: Unresolved plot threads

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Originates in a request by Jocelyn:

Perhaps a list of all the plot threads currently being juggled would be a handy item to have in the FAQ, eh Pam? Help us keep up with things! :)

okay, fine. here is a list of main plots under development, prophecies which have a direct bearing on them (for more prophecy, see the prophecy section.), certain unresolved questions, and other stuff that may occur, or may not.

from Tony Z.:

I felt that the following might be interesting. It's an extraction of material from GEnie (posted with poster's permission), listing all the loose ends and so forth that still need to be tied up. So here it is:

Marcus says: [edited at my discretion - Pam]

Jocelyn adds:

Sorry, no name for that one:

Last, bot not least, Pam Korda:

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