The Plot Fires of Heaven Contest

coordinated by Erica Sadun

This contains the entries submitted for the Plot Fires of Heaven Contest held on rec.arts.sf.written a bit before TFoH was released. At the Third Darkfriend Social, we decided it might be nice to repost these for the newer people who weren't around for the contest. It's good for a few laughs in hindsight for us 'older' folks, too. Plus, it records the origin of the MPS in Sir MPS. Special thanks to Erica Sadun for coordinating the contest,


                        The Board of Trustees of the 
                           JORDAN FAQ ASSOCIATION
                              proudly present 
                         V A R I O U S   P L O T S
                                   F O R
                  T H E    F I R E S   O F   H E A V E N


The categories:

Those submission that made one of the first three ranks in any category are marked with *.

1. Lars H. Tombre

2. Geoff Wiseman

3. Emma Pease

4. Arthur Bernard Byrne

5. Michael "Sir MPS" Macchione *

6. Judith Ellen Ghirardelli *

7. Erica Sadun

8. Judith Ellen Ghirardelli *

9. Mark Looi *

10. Stephanie Mason

11. Christopher T. Flora

12. Erica Sadun *

13. Joe "Uno" Shaw *

14. Carl Traber

15. Roy Navarre