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Seasons turn, newbies come and go, leaving postings that become legend. Legend fades to FAQ. In a FAQ called the June FAQ, a FAQ yet to come, a FAQ long past, a posting stirred. This is the story of rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan, of those women and men that dare to post what no one dared to post before ... (oops, wrong universe)

The Creator and his Wife

Robert Jordan Harriet Jordan

Here are pictures taken at the Darkfriend socials in DC (24 September 1994 and November 1994), and the signings in Chicago and Atlanta. Click on the images to see larger version (and additional information).

There's a modified version of the Atlanta picture, too.
And now for the portraits.

A picture of FAQueen Pam Korda . Viren Shah Judy "Mesaana" Ghirardelli,
Judy Sedai and her Warder Tom, and her fearful shadow: .
Mark Looi. Emmet O'Brien clearly states his favourite colour. And here's a picture of myself, Helmut Geyer
As you can easily see, Bill "Fain" Garrett has some similarity to Ba'alzamon (cf. Cover of The Dragon Reborn). Another argument for the discussion Fain = DO reborn? Well, I don't know.

Finally, the latest addition to the Jordanites page is the picture of the Ancestral DarkFriends

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