Our Loony Ideas

Here is the third compilation of our loony ideas. Enjoy, and always remember our motto:

I of course have zero evidence for this, but since when has that stopped any of us? (David Wren-Hardin)

Differences since second issue:

Chris Hammock, Davide Dent, Greg Ries, James Yu, Kenneth Cavness, Russ Ennis, and Tshen have added their ideas. Welcome! Bill and Erica have added to their ideas. Charley's idea has been clarified. Spelling mistakes in several ideas corrected.

Bill Garrett <garrett@cs.unc.edu>
Rand won't actually lead the massive Aiel + Tairen force in an all-out campaign against Illian; he'll use those forces as a proverbial "Ace of Trump" to keep the Illian forces at bay while he goes after Sammael with a few channelers. Sammael will escape, but Rand will get Illian. We'll see Sammael again...
Galad will (unintentionally) destroy the Children of the Light when he joins the Dragon and tries to convince others to follow him. Some will go with Galad, others will not, and fighting will break out between all the Children.
The severed hand prophecy actually refers to Mat. The Seachan leash him to a damane and it's discovered that he can channel as both he and the damane start screaming in agony. Elayne chops off his hand to save his life.
Charley Jackson <cjackson@alfred.carleton.ca>
Egwene is Mesaana reborn. Mesaana is periodically showing up in Egwene, explaining the Fain rescue, and her knowledge of Old Tongue...), and when Egwene became weak after Lanfear's attack Mesaana became strong in Egwene and she traveled to Caemlyn and killed Asmodean.
Chris Hammock <zalbar@eskimo.com>
Pevin really was Sammael (all the speculation about similar scars, etc.), and Sammael really did die. I'm basing this on the look of surprise on Pevin's face; elsewhere Pevin said that everyone he'd ever really known had died violently and he was very grim throughout his stay in the book. So, if that's true, death wouldn't come as a surprise to him, while Sammael, distracted from the battle at hand by trying to follow flows of saidin and see who was winning the Rand-Rahvin battle of the millenium, would be extremely shocked to be gored by a Trolloc spear; besides, it's about time Trollocs were a threat to _someone_...
Courtenay Footman <cpf@alchemy.ithaca.ny.us>
Graendal is in Amadicia, and the old man in the prologue to tFoH is Pedron Niall.
Dash Wendrzyk <dash@sulu.orl.mmc.com>
The male Aiel who can channel go off to kill the Dark One or his minions. Those that don't die become Fades.
Dave "With the ever-changing middle name" DeLaney <dbd@martha.utcc.utk.edu>
Verin Sedai == Corianin Nedeal.
Tam al'Thor == Jain Farstrider (now partly or mostly disproved .. but if the timeline changes again... Muuaaaahahaa!!!).
The Nine Rods of Dominion != a throwaway reference & the Oath Rod is one.
Dave Oldridge <doldridg@fox.nstn.ns.ca>
Thom is actually of royal Cairhienin blood.
David Wren-Hardin <bdh4@quads.uchicago.edu>
Verin is a Really Old Aes Sedai, possibly Nedal, or even an AS from the age of legends.
Davide Dente <dente@hp1.sm.dsi.unimi.it>
Moiraine and Lanfear will come back merged in the same way as Isam and Luc -- that is, the body of one of the two and mind (and also, in tel'aran'rhiod, the body) of the other.
Deana Livingston <drl95@calc.vet.uga.edu>
Bayle Doman is Jain(m) Farstrider.
Don Harlow <donh@netcom.com>
The "half the light of the world" in the prophecy about Mat Cauthon has something to do with Berelain and Mayene's monopoly of the oilfish shoals.
Erica Sadun <erica@mindspring.com>
The two boys with Moghedian are Mazrim Taim and Gaidal Cain. The old man is Geoff Bornhold. When the prophecy of the Dragon refers to "Rand's blood", what it means is _Galad_'s blood, because Galad is Rand's blood relation. Egwene was corrupted by Fain in TGH. In Shardar Logoth, Mat picked up the one thing that could defeat Mordeth, the dagger. He did this purely by "luck". The dagger is thereby special and tied to Mordeth.
finn, the <finn@MCS.COM>
Verin is a Forsaken.
Greg Ries <ries@crhc.uiuc.edu>
An Ogier, possibly Loial, will be the person who picks up Callandor and "follows after".
Helmut Geyer <Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de>
Morgase is heading to the Seanchan invasion troops in Tanchico. She has to have countermeasures against channelers (I think she is sharp enough to see that what Rahvin did to her has to do with OP). As she is preoccupied against AS and she cannot be sure that they would help her, she searches for the only known source of anti-channel forces. These are the Seanchan.
James Yu <jamestyu@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu>
The Aiel Waste will become reflooded, killing most if not all Aiel not across the Dragonwall, thus fulfilling the WO prophecy that Rand will save some Aiel, but that most will die. Support: The hidden ocean [tSR, 58, 977, Traps of Rhuidean, 678] and the dock on the Dragonwall [tFoH, 20, Jungai Pass, 263].
Moiraine and Lanfear will return as one entity, ala Luc/Isam/Slayer.
Jocelyn Goldfein <jocelyng@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Mazrim Taim will draw Callandor. He will loyally follow Rand for a time, and then will betray him, just as Ishamael betrayed LTT, thus continuing the cycle of history.
Joe "Uno" Shaw <joeshaw@info1.cc.vt.edu>
Demandred == Mazrim Taim,
and Demandred/Taim killed Asmodean.
In a naval battle with the Seanchan, Bayle Doman will be a deciding factor.
John Novak
Hey, who is this Jordan guy to tell me that Lews Therin didn't try to balefire himself, anyway? [The phrase that originated this compilation]
Aludran is Liandrin's sister.
Josh Hall (aka Grifter D'Erisian) <jhall@vaxc.stevens-tech.edu>
Galad is a Darkfriend, and will lead the Children of Light against Rand in the final battle.
Judy Ghirardelli <ghirarde@oraac.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Perrin will free Luc from the Dream World, where I think he is being kept, in the way that Faile was at the end of tDR.
Verin sold her soul to Lanfear for the knowledge L. could give her. ("What I would not give to talk to that girl of your's, Rand" from tGH, in reference to Selene).
Judy G. and John N., between them:
The hand prophecy (bloody or severed) has to do with a man (Rand) being leashed to a female channeler, they both start to die screaming, and someone chops off his hand to stop it.
Keith E Casner <diomedes@uclink.berkeley.edu>
The White Ajah is all Black. Summary of evidence: all the Whites that we know are black and good evidence during the interview of Siuan and Leane in Salidar that others are as well. Verin is Corianin Nedeal. Not reborn, just never died. She has escaped the oaths by using t'a'r. Egwene is a pawn of Fain, and ultimately of the Big Dark Nasty Guy.
Larry J Lennhoff <ljl@netcom.com>
Saidin can be accessed through the huge statue without the taint. The basis for this is Rand's one encounter with the statue. The description of him being nearly overwhelmed by its influence goes on and on, and yet the taint is never felt.
There exists a secret AJAH hidden from the corruption of the BLACK within the White Tower that is dedicated to supporting the outcome of a set of prophesys dating back to the Breaking about the final defeat of the DarkLord. One current member of this group is VERIN Sedai, and membership in this group explains most of the mysteries around her behaviour and knowledge.
Pam Korda, Keeper of the Chronicles <kor2@midway.uchicago.edu>
One of the Darkfriends with Perrin (Verin? Aram? Alanna?) will kill Faile, and Perrin will go nuts, turning into a full-time wolf. I don't really believe that this will happen, but I do think it would be neat. My "crazy theory" that I _do_ think will happen is that Morgase will have some bad experiences in Amadicia, resulting in being branded, and having her hand chopped off.
Randy Liao <rliao@cmcvax.claremont.edu>
*I* believe that Rand will kill off all the forsaken and claim the throne of DO for himself! He'll kill all his other consorts and make Min his queen! Praise to The Lady of Darkness!
Roderick Easton <emeu09@castle.ed.ac.uk>
I think that Bayle Domon is someone important. I also think that the person who killed Asmodean is someone we've never seen before: the person he usurped for his power base: and who got really mad with Asmodean, so that when he found out the guy'd been stilled (virtually) he came and offed him.
Russ Ennis <aielman@blake.wadham.ox.ac.uk>
The DO is a massive self-aware self modifying weave of both Saidin and Saidar, originally created as a tool to bore into the Sharom, severed from Saidar in the War of Power, and now frantically clinging to Saidin, so the taint is men reaching Saidin _through_ the DO.
Lanfear will redeem herself and help Rand unweave the DO.
Rand will kill his & Aviendha's child (animated by the DO) on the rocks of Shayol Ghul, but later find it to have been unnecessary.
Samir Kayande <skayande@ravana.eche.ualberta.ca>
Rand will have to block off the true source (both halves) in order to shut down the dark one.
Ted Zuvich <tjz6090@bcstec.ca.boeing.com>
Nynaeve and Elayne will use the sad bracelets to slow down Rand's rate of madness.
Rand will bond as Warder to more than one Aes Sedai, which will also slow down the rate at which he goes mad.
Tom Wilbur <twilbur@Xenon.Stanford.EDU>
Moiraine is alive and gets rescued (wait, I'm not done yet), but little do we know that on the other side of the doorway, Lanfear overpowered her and assembled thirteen Myrddraal and thirteen Black Ajah/Dreadlords.
So, just when her self-sacrifice at the docks (mostly) puts to rest the "Is Moiraine black?" debates, and we all start trusting her, she gets turned...
Tshen <shenkel@rs6a.wln.com>
Mesaana isn't missing. She's been in the series since the first book, posing as "Lews Therin" in Rand's brain. She's doing this at the command of the DO in order to make Rand crazier faster. Rand may indeed be LTT reborn, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has to remember it (nobody else does). Also, if the DO has encountered Rand/LTT through many incarnations, then why does he only refer to Rand as LTT? Why not some other name from a more distant past? And why wouldn't Lews (and therefore Rand) remember prior incarnations?

Courtenay Footman, cpf@alchemy.ithaca.ny.us