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8.1 How many books will there be?

However many RJ writes. 3 or 4 more after LOC is what he said at a signing in Atlanta.

8.2 When is the next book out? +

The next book will be called Crown of Swords as Patrick Nielsen Hayden told us lately. He also told us that the book will not be out before Spring 1996. He told us that RJ averages to write a book in 14 Months, so elementary mathematics show us that there has to be a break in the one book a year schedule.

Brian Bax, talked to Harriet Jordan at a signing and got this answer:

LOC took a long time to compile, in fact TOO much time. It was "supposed" to be done by April 1994 at the latest. However,it wasn't even close to being done. Somewhere past the deadline, they lost a chapter. They flew RJ up to New York and he wrote the final parts in a hotel for about two weeks. He finished on August 28, 1994. Tor had to do major overtime to check and edit it for it's Oct. 12 release date. Mrs Jordan also added that LoC was their most difficult one composed ever. It was a real marker as to how fast they could produce a novel at this point in the series. After his book signing tour he's going straight to his word processor and type through Thanksgiving and probably Xmas, cause he hasn't even started yet. RJ made an arrangement with a manager ((I think) from Tor for a March deadline. If book seven wasn't completed by that time, then the fall release would be cancelled, meaning that book seven will not be released to as late as Fall 1996 possibly. This manager seems to have forgotten this arrangement and wanted to have it released by fall 1995, under pressure from Tor publishing and the parent St. Martin's it appears.

(my own personal comment, but one voiced by many, is that it would be preferable to wait longer for the next book and have it be good, instead of RJ rushing to finish, and having it turn out poorly.)

LOC Paperback *

From past experience I'd guess that LOC should be out in PB sometime in the autumn of 1995.

Other stuff *

Also, Jody Lynn Nye, Todd Cameron Hamilton, et. al., are hard at work on a compendium, "Guide to the Wheel of Time." They have already produced similar books for Anne McCaffrey's Pern & Piers Anthony's Xanth. _The Guide to the Wheel of Time_ is scheduled to be released with the paperback of _Lord of Chaos_ sometime next fall. [Roxanne Meida]

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