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1.1 Contributors +

Active Contributors & Articles Plundered From:

Dylan Flynn Alexander * Chris Anderson Michael Arnett * Keith Aschinger * Will Baird * Glen Justin Balmer * Chris Barrera * Kevin Bartlett * Brian Bax * Aaron Bergman * Alice Bergmann * Timothy Bruening * Charles Buckley * Arthur Bernard Byrne * Paul W. Cashman * Keith Casner * Christopher Lee Cavender * Randy Cerveny * Dennis Hohn-Chong Cho * Damien Cole * Amish Dave * Ruchira Datta * Dave "Walls of Books" DeLaney * Roderick Easton * Eric Ebinger * Jain Farstrider * J. R. Feehan * Chris Flora * Courtenay Footman * Michel Forget * Carolyn Fusinato * Christian M. Gadeken * Devin L. "Lews Therin" Ganger * Bill "Cherry Kool-Aid" Garrett * Helmut Geyer * Judy Ghirardelli * Bob Gibson * Jocelyn "who is not Kathleen" Goldfein * Robyn "Hawk" Goldstein * Stephen Graham * Gary Greenbaum * Michael Guenther * John C. Hansen * Chris Hammock * Michael Hanneman * Stephen J. Hardy * Don Harlow * John Hawkinson * Mark Hazen * Nathan Hendrix * Clint Hepner * Captain Commander Sean Hillyard * Bob Hofmann * Melissa Horn * Justin Howell * Eugene Hung * Matthew Hunter * John Ireland * Robert Jordan (duh.) * Robert Kelley * Daniel John Kelly-Harrity * Mark Hazen * David "Wee Dave" Kennedy * Jacob Kesinger * Tanya Koenig * Pam Korda * Hank Lee * Mike Lemons * Craig Martin Levin * Shen Kiat Lim * Edward Liu * Mark Looi * Mike "Sir MPS" Macchione * Tom McCormick * Cameron Majidi * Luke Mankin * Jim Mann * Stephanie Mason * Roxanne Meida * Kelley Miles * Don Morgan * Joe Morris * David Mortman * Roy Navarre * Patrick Nielsen Hayden * John S. Novak III * Emmet O'Brien * Michael J O'Malley * Chad "Oilcan"/"Ba'alzamon" Orzel * Daniel "Zippy" O'Toole * Anthony Padilla * Rimesh Patel * Emma Pease * Thomas Petersen * George D. Phillies * Jim Phillips * Piglet * Eric C. Piquette * Heikki Poso * Jeffrey Scott Raglin * Chris Russo * Erica Sadun * Kevin Samborn * Jared Samet * Jeff Schneiter * Morgan Donald Scott * Viren Shah * Joe Shaw * Vivienne Shen * Zach Simpson * Jeff Smith * Michael "Darkelf" Steeves * Brian Sullivan * Charles L. Stuart * Martin Terman * Aline Thompson * Elayne Thompson * Carl Traber * Sven Venema * Jonathan Vessey * Ken Warkentyne * Olaf Weber * Dash Wendrzyk * Greg Wheatley * Windsor Williams * Aaron Wong * Edmund Wong * David Wren-Hardin * Tony Yoder * Tony Zbaraschuk * (Did I forget anyone? Is anyone on here twice? Anybody with a name starting with Q , U, or X want to contribute?)

1.2 Abbreviations, Acronyms and Conventions +

There have been (by now) two surveys of the Net.Jordanites on pressing questions by John Novak and Judy Ghirardelli. The Survey Says sections are taken from the second .

The standard reference format used is (all page numbers are for the TOR editions, UK editions may - in fact will - differ for most citations):

[Book Title Abbr.: Chapter #, paperback pg#, Chapter name, hardcover pg#]

To read the FAQ, you have to know some abbreviations and acronyms. Here is a list of those used:

TWoT/WOT The Wheel of Time
TEotW/EOW The Eye of the World
TGH The Great Hunt
TDR The Dragon Reborn
TSR The Shadow Rising
TFoH/FOH The Fires of Heaven
LoC Lord of Chaos
FAQ WMAK, Wonderful Masterpiece of Assembled Knowledge,but FAQ is easier
to say (and makes for better puns)
r.a.sf.w rec.arts.sf.written (or just rasfw)
r.a.sf.w.r-j rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan (also just rasfwrj)
AOL Age of Legends
AS Aes Sedai (or Amyrlin Seat)
Asm Asmodean
BA Black Ajah
DO Dark One
DF Darkfriend
DFS/DS Darkfriend Social
DotNM Daughter of the Nine Moons
Eg/Egw Egwene
El Elayne
Ish/Ishy Ishamael
LTT Lews Therin Telamon
Mog/Moggy Moghedien
Mo/Moi/Moir Moiraine
MPS Mad Passionate Sex, Mad Purple Stegosaur
MT Mazrim Taim
Ny/Nyn Nynaeve
OP One Power
RJ Robert Jordan
SG Shayol Ghul
SS Siuan Sanche
T'A'R/TAR Tel'aran'rhiod
TS True Source
TV Tar Valon
WCs Whitecloaks
WOs Wise Ones
WT White Tower
YKYBRTMRJW You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Robert Jordan When...

1.3 Introduction to this FAQ +

This is the Wheel of Time Wondrous Masterpiece of Assembled Knowledge (aka Frequently-Asked Questions list). 'Tis edited and maintained, and copyrighted by myself, Pamela Korda, based upon discussion of The Wheel of Time series, on the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan. You may feel free to distribute this document, provided all citations and attributes are kept. This version of the FAQ contains lots of Spoilers for Lord of Chaos, so if you haven't read, don't read. There are versions of the FAQ from before LOC (i.e. no spoilers, but some out-dated theories) in the ftp archive and the WWW site.

If you haven't read Lord of Chaos yet, but want to know something about the discussions here (before Lord of Chaos was published, read the pre-LoC FAQ . Note that much of it is proven wrong or obsolete by now, though.

rasfwr-j is a very high-volume group, with about 100-200 messages posted each day. In order to keep things reasonable, this huge compendium has been created. It chronicles all the "old, discussed to death" topics, so that people do not have to keep bringing up the same old points again and again. In light of this, please read this document before you go posting all your new theories. If you don't have time to read the whole thing through, that is okay. It is in electronic form, which means you can use your favorite word processor, text editor, grep, &c, to scan it for keywords. There is also a handy-dandy Table of Contents, a few screens up from here. If you have an idea on Tigraine, for examle, search for Tigraine, and read what has already been written. This way, if you agree with what has been said before, you don't need to waste time saying it again. If you disagree, you know the points that need to be taken into consideration when you present your theory to the net. It is to your own benefit to keep this thing handy for such a purpose.

Special note for WWW use: The FAQ has been split into several parts (one for each section). Most Web clients (clients are those programs used to view WWW documents) have built-in search abilities. To get a complete search you have to use it in every part of the FAQ. You also might want to take a look at the index .

Here's what other people have to say about the WOTFAQ: "When I came on and asked a dumb question not too long ago, I had people tell me to read the FAQ. I protested the tone with which they told me, but I went and did it anyway. And you know what? After a couple months of participation, I agree with those people."[D.L. "Lews Therin" Ganger]

This version of the FAQ has been updated to include more Robert Jordan said information from book signings and on-line conferences. Remember that all that is hearsay; I take no responsibility for it being wrong. New questions involve the Old Tongue, what we know about Kari Al'Thor, Did LTT balefire himself, How Tall is everybody, and where did Hawking come from. The "jordan-talk" section has been dismantled and dispersed to relevant sections. The Verin section has been re-worked, and so has the section on Asmodean's demise. Some typographical errors have been corrected, but I'm sure there are plenty more left.

Submission Requests:

1.4 Ah, Humor +

No more Humur. Some humorous documents are the FAQE and the Dark One's Dictionary . It can be found in the archives, too. Humor from older FAQs can be found in Old.Humor .

1.5 What are these Jordan Wheel of Time books? +

The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan:

Hardcover editions:

Paperback editions:

Published by Tor Books

Ask for them at your favorite bookstore, or order the paperback editions directly from:

  Publishers Book and Audio Mailing Service
  PO Box 120159
  Staten Island NY 10312-0004
To cover postage and handling, add $1.25 for the first book and $.25 for each additional book. Check or money order only; no CODs.

If you are in Europe, it may be more expedient to pick up the British Editions published by Orbit (prices are listed in pound sterling).

1.6 Mis-steps. (Errors along the way)

The Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

The Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

Arguably the most humorous error yet: Perrin picks up a second horse which he calls "Stayer" [LoC: 54, The Sending, 677]. On the way to the Battle at Dumai's Wells, Perrin has both his horses, referred to, at one point, as "Stepper and Slayer."[LoC: 55, Dumai's Wells, 685]

In previous glossaries, it says that the AS cannot sense in what direction her Warder is. In LoC, Alanna does just that. What gives? Edward Liu says that, at a signing, RJ said that the ability is not exact, but something like they can only sense distance (and I guess) direction in that the feeling of the other person becomes stronger or weaker. Tony Z. said RJ said the Glossaries are in error, and that there are references in other books to AS sensing the direction of their Warders. (Anybody find such a thing? I can't think of one). Joe thinks RJ changed his mind, to put it charitably.

1.7 What should I do if I'm obsessed?

Judy G. gives us intelligent advice on treatment of Jordan fanaticism:

  1. Stop calling the nice lady at you local bookstore, and harassing her about when the next book will be out.
  2. Lay down.
  3. Stay laying down.
  4. Try to not think about things like wheels, knives, spears, swords, doorways, Piglets, fire, severed hands, plucked out eyes, tattoos, leashes, calendars, irons, pincers, still images, gentle breezes, FAQs, Towers, wolves, falcons, hawks, hammers, axes, Roy, and lastly, DON'T THINK ABOUT RIVERS!
  5. Now, pick up a copy of _The Tao of Pooh_ and become an uncarved block.
(p.s. that will be 50 bucks...)

(p.p.s. The idea of not thinking about Roy while laying down is just a generally good practice , and might be applied to all the rest of you who won't admit you have a problem ...)

1.8 What is the deal with those cheap Tor Covers that won't stay on?

No, you are not alone in having the cover fall off of your PB copy of TDR. What can you do about it? Patrick Nielsen Hayden says that you can send the book to Tor, and they will send you a new copy. You can also write a (snail- mail) letter of complaint to Tor. The address is on the inside of the books. Do not send mean e-mail to the nice Tor Books man! It is not his fault! If you want to repair them yourself, Ericc Ebinger provides instructions:

As a public service (and to annoy the anti-Jordan faction of the r.a.sf.w community), I have decided to publish instructions on how to reattach the (hideous) covers to the Tor paperback editions of the Wheel of Time books. This is the way that I did it. The covers are holding up nicely (so far). No warranty is expressed or implied. Your mileage may vary. Follow these instructions at your own risk.

Materials needed:

  1. If cover(s) are not yet completely detached GENTLY and carefully detach them. A small, sharp knife may be helpful.
  2. Take sandpaper and briskly sand the back of spine of the book (on the glue that failed to hold. Continue until the surface is slightly rough (don't over-sand). This should only take 10-20 seconds of sanding.
  3. Lay the cover down on a flat surface with the outside DOWN. Gently sand the inside of the binding (see fig. 1) untill the wax coating is removed. Do not over-sand! The objective is to remove the wax coating so that the glue can get a grip.
            |                | s g |                 |
            |                | a l |                 | 
            |                | n u |                 |
            |                | d e |                 |
            |                |     |                 |
            |                |  h  |                 |
            |                |  e  |                 |
            |                |  r  |                 |
            |                |  e  |                 |
  4. Following directions on the package of Goo, spread glue on the binding area of the cover. Orient the book so that it's orientation matches that of the cover. Press the book binding down on the cover, lift,wait two minutes,press the book binding back down on the cover, and hold for two minutes.
  5. Let dry overnight. The book should be better than new.

1.9 The Great Jordan Hoax - read this section!

In March, 1994, a bunch of net.jordanites met in a small restaurant in Arlington, VA. Collectively, they hatched a scheme to spread chaos and confusion throughout the internet, and other nets. They were six of the most powerful posters ever known, who went over to the Dark One. Their names-Bill "the Fain" Garrett, Chad "Ishamael" Orzel, Joe "Sammael" Shaw, Mike "Rahvin" Macchione, Judy "Mesaana" Ghirardelli, and Joe "Demandred" Morris-should be used to frighten children. As a result of their crimes, much false evidence was generated. Following is a summary of their false claims as to what Jordan said.


  1. Somebody close to Rand will turn to the Dark Side.
  2. There are clues in: _The Westing Game_, "What Lies Hidden," "The Gift of a Blade," "The Tinker's Sword."
  3. RJ thinks we should get our own newsgroup.
  4. RJ will put a character like Roy in the next book.
  5. Anything about Cain, Jain, Tam, or Graendal's old man.
  6. Aram is a Darkfriend (and was at the DFS in TGH).
  7. There are hidden references to Conan in The Wheel of Time.
  8. RJ said "Verin is more than just a simple, absent-minded librarian."
  9. Thom is Elaynes' father.
  10. RJ will wrap up the series in the book after _Lord of Chaos_
  11. Mazrim Taim is somebody we have already seen, sort of (and related theories that Taim = Demandred, Taim killed Asmodean.)
  12. Thom, Aviendha, Bela, & Marin Al'Vere are not what they seem.
  13. Aviendha = Ilyena reborn.
  14. Mat's memories are not real, but the ravings of a madman.
  15. Mat and Tam can channel.
  16. He would add a reference to our USENET discussions into a later book.
  17. Jordan wants to put himself in there somewhere (ala Hitchcock).
  18. He thought the lightbulb and telephone jokes were a hoot.
  19. He likes the cover art

1.10 Who is Robert Jordan and what else has he written? +

"Robert Jordan" is actually a pseudonym for James Oliver Rigney, Jr., under which he has written the "Wheel of Time" fantasy series as well as several books of the "Conan" series. (Conan the Invincible, C.t. Unconquered, C.t.Magnificent, C.t.Victorious, C.t.Triumphant, C.t.Destroyer, C.t.Defender) Other pseudonyms are Reagan O'Neal ("Fallon" series), Jackson O'Reilly ("Cheyenne Raiders"), and Chang Lung (contributions to various periodicals including Library Journal, Fantasy Review, Science Fiction Review). [Source: Contemporary Authors vol. 140]

RJ has told several people, at signings and in letters, that ifˆHˆH when he complete TWOT, he plans to write another fantasy tale set in a Seanchan-like culture. The main character will be a more mature figure than Rand, and the tale involves him being shipwrecked in pseudo-Seanchan, where whatever is cast up on the shores of one's state becomes one's property, even people. Doubtlessly, there'll be many changes from RJ's description to the actual story, but it gives us something to look forward to.

1.11 Other Resources (non-net stuff) *

Net Stuff: available by ftp from linuxmafia.com
If you're using WWW, you might find it easier to access these thing from the
Wheel of Time Archive Homepage .

1.12 What does TAN mean? *

  1. TANgent (SINe over COSine)
  2. The Ajah who applies ruthless logic to quests after knowledge.
  3. The color Bela is.
  4. A Chinese unit of weight
  5. A Japanese unit of land area
  6. One of a boat-dwelling people distantly related to the Li
  7. Oh, you mean wrt rec.arts.sf.written.r-j? Get thee to a rasfwr-j FAQ, then!

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