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Chad "OilCan" Orzel on Whitecloaks: The rest of them are annoying: Dain is a drunk, Byar and Hillyard are rabid, and this whole Whitecloak thing is just a phase Galad's going through...


  Daughter of the FAQ She writes from now.
  The ongoing opus, she yet writes
  Her new public she seeks, who shall read her and delight,
  yet read still.
  Who shall get out with her coming?
  The Georgia Tech Walls shall kneel.
  FAQ feeds FAQ.
  FAQ calls FAQ.
  FAQ is, and FAQ was, and FAQ shall ever be.

  The man who loves Lanfear stands alone.
  He gives her for the sacrifice.
  Two roads before him, one to Lanfear beyond dying,
     one to Nynaeve, eternal.
  Which will he choose? Which will he choose?
  What lust shelters? What humor slays?
  Hair feeds Hair.
  Hair calls Hair.
  Long Hair is, and Long Hair was, and Long Hair shall ever be.

  Judy came to the Mountains of UMCP.
  Tom waited in the High Passes.
  The hunt is now begun.  The coursework now hounds and kills.
  One did study and one did work, but both are.
  The time of midterms has come.
  Grade feeds Grades.
  Grade calls Grades.
  GPA is, and GPA was, and GPA shall ever be.

  The Jordanites wait on r.a.sf.w.
  The split of the newsgroup burns the ancient rn tree hierarchy.
  Flames will fly and email burn before the great split comes.
  Flames will reap and votes will fail before the great split comes.
  Now the great split comes.
  Now the great split comes.
  Postings feed postings.
  Postings call postings.
  Posting is, and Posting was, and Posting shall ever be.

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