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How does Roy look like - the essays

  1. He has long hair which has been dyed green. He has just recently dyed the ends of his hair a dark blue. He has a short beard which is his natural blond. He is about 18, and is trying to look older with the facial hair (ala Perrin). He tends to wear tee-shirts that either have heavy metal bands or Beavis and Butthead on them.
    he also wears a pointy wizard's hat everywhere.
  2. Gollum. (An obsession with one, er, object; devoting his entire life to said object, becoming withdrawn from reality and living in a darkened environment, worshipping Mierin.... If Gollum had an old 1200 bps modem and an Apple IIe, and posted on rec.arts.books.tolkien, there would be no question about it.)
  3. He looks lot like Uncle Jeb; at least dat's what his Pappy all'ys said. Truth be told, I all'ys done think Roy's Pappy t'ought dat maybe Roy's Mama and Ol' Jeb done had a little fling, dat time Pappy got caught in de Bayou for ten days. Yessir, de shack musta got good and lonely when Pappy was gone so long - though he did bring back that great big load of gator hides, oui-yeah! Well you ask, what does Uncle Jeb look like? Hoo boy, he like de drowned ferret, all scrawny-like. They say Jeb de ugliest man in the Bayou 'til Roy done come along. Guess maybe dat's why de boy done left with de circus dem years back.
  4. Exactly like Bela, except with fingers to type with. And a little less hair.
  5. "But daaaad!" Roy whined. "I can't mow the lawn now; I'm still on the computer."
    "So help me, son, if you don't get off your lazy ass I'll stop letting you use my account at the university. --Don't make those faces at me!"
    Roy turned off the computer reluctantly. _Maybe I'll send Lanfear after Dad_, he thought deviously. He walked over to a mirror as he brushed his hands through his unkempt greasy hair. _Would she even give me the time of day?_ he wondered, and not for the first time. The face staring back at him from the mirror was probably not one that would interest Lanfear, at least not unless she were looking for a rag to clean doggie doo off her shoe. Small, beady eyes burned with a mad intensity from within their recessed sockets to either side of his hooked nose. His mouth hung partly open in a look of vacant disinterest. Pimply and pock-marked skin surrounded his facial features, the oil on his skin shining with the reflection of lights in the room.
    _She'd rip off her bodice and spread her legs at first sight of me_, he kidded himself, and not for the first time.
    "Roy, today!" came a voice from downstairs.
    "Com-ing!" Roy replied in adolescent exasperation, a tone of voice that would get him slapped if his mother were anywhere nearby. He shrugged at himself in the mirror before leaving the room. _Man, I've *really* got to get myself a woman, especially with the 8th Grade Prom less than a month away_.
  6. A 58 year old, bald Rastafarian, with no proper ass to speak of.
  7. 14. Acne. Greasy hair. Pocket protector. On the Net no-one knows you're on your dad's account.
  8. Six foot two - Eyes of Blue - Muscles too
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