About the SKEPTIC Discussion List

October 2016 note: This entire page will need a top-to-bottom rewrite to reflect move from lists.johnshopkins.edu to linuxmafia.com that is underway at this writing. The new mailing list is at http://linuxmafia.com/mailman/listinfo/skeptic.

SKEPTIC is a mailing list devoted to critical discussion of extraordinary claims.

If you like to debate creationism, psychic powers, alternative medicine, strange archaeology and similar matters, you might be interested in SKEPTIC. Though we focus on paranormal claims, these also lead us to talk about more general scientific and philosophical issues. As long as it is somehow relevant to science and skepticism, we do not exclude any topic. We are usually skeptical about claims that go against current scientific pictures, but we also like to examine critical views of modern science.

Our level of discussion varies, but it is mostly informal. SKEPTIC is an unmoderated list, but the list owner occasionally intervenes to keep discussions on track.

Joining the List

To subscribe to SKEPTIC, send the one-line message

SUBSCRIBE skeptic [fullname]

to sympa@lists.johnshopkins.edu

(The [fullname] information is optional. Omitting it merely means that the mailing list software, Sympa, has you on file identified only by your e-mail address.)

For some useful information about how to use SKEPTIC the best way, see the SKEPTIC FAQ.

An information page at the hosting site itself is available, but won't tell you much you aren't seeing here: https://lists.johnshopkins.edu/sympa/info/skeptic