SKEPTIC Frequently Asked Questions (Sort Of)

This is not a list of paranormal-related questions and skeptical answers; for that, consult the SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography, or the sci.skeptic FAQ. Here are answers to some common questions about using the SKEPTIC list.


For any other questions, bother your friendly list owner at That might provide an occasion to include another item in this FAQ.

Rough Ground Rules

SKEPTIC is an unmoderated list. The list owner will, however, butt in when it looks like the discussion is spinning out of control. Anyone can subscribe, but the list owner will throw off anyone who makes a major pest of themselves, beyond the usual amount of flaming and irrelevancies.

Usually, courtesy and some common sense will prevent you from getting into hot water, either with others on the mailing list or with the list owner. After all, we are all mainly interested in a free, informative discussion of paranormal and fringe-science ideas, preferably without having to wade through tons of irrelevant and boring postings in the process.

These rough guidelines might help you: