Note: I am distributing this program for free, but not the source. I am ignoring all e-mail messages with requests for it. If you do not like such policy, you can always use any other client.

SSH - Secure Shell

If you want to learn more about SSH, click here for README file from the SSH distribution, or for the SSH FAQ.

Here is the original SSH home page.

You can download the latest SSH version (1.2.26) from the original distribution site in Finland.

My version of the SSH client for Windows Sockets that you can download from some sites around the world is out of date. It will say that it is too old, and that you should download a new one. If you like to use this old version, just change SSH.EXE's creation date (i.e., touch ssh.exe). A better solution is to download the la(te)st version, via WWW. There are two versions of this program - 32-bit (rev. 2.112) (created February 23, 1999 at 02:49 GMT; size 154838 bytes) and 16-bit (rev. 2.112) (created February 23, 1999 at 02:55 GMT; size 166531 bytes). The 16-bit version is not tested. (Usually, it worked for me on Windows 95 (!"#$%&), but I have not tried it on Windows 3.something.)

You can also try the self-extracting installation package (MD5 checksum d18a72de648427f9e4df636a44c03129). It will, most likely, work, but... if the program later complains all the time that it can not find the crypto library, try to delete Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\c.igaly\ssh\defaults\CryptoLibrary.

Since I am using Windows NT (!"#$%&), right now, the 32-bit version will work on it. At least, it will work for me. This, of course, does not mean that it will work for you, too. I'm not working very seriously on that program, right now: As a free program, it does not make any money for me, and wastes too much of my time. Because of that, don't expect any major changes to it. However, I will try to fix all bugs reported to me.

This program is anything but bug-free. On the contrary, it is most likely full of bugs. I hope it will not crash your machine or start WWIII. Anyway, I cannot give you any guarantees.

The syntax for starting SSH client from the command line is:
ssh32.exe [-o file] [profile]
-o file - capture all output to file file
profile - startup profile name

This program uses Peter Gutmann's cryptographic library. You can download version 2.00 from the Garbo archive in Finland. If you have troubles with the new version, you can try the older one (1.1). Unfortunately, it isn't available any more in the Garbo archive, so I've placed a copy of it here. It includes a DLL version with the patch for a bug concerning DES key lengths (see below) in crypt32.dll, and the original version in crypt32-orig.dll.

Note: There was problem with DES and 3DES, when using cryptlib 1.1, since version 1.1 accepts only 56-bit DES keys, instead of 64 bits. (DES keys are internally 56 bits, but externally are 64 bits.) To fix that problem, you can download a small binary patch. I am testing the 32-bit version with cryptlib 2.1, which is still in beta. It works with the precompiled cl32.dll from final beta version 0413. I've tried it with several older (0715, 0828, 0118, 0210, 0311, 0317, 0322, 0331, and 0406 ) beta versions. It will, probably, also work with beta versions 0428 and 0623. Older versions that are not available (any more) on will not work.

You can report problems to me, but (again) without any guarantees. I'm trying to make this client work, but there are many other things I must do for a living.

Note (again): I am distributing this program for free, but not the source. I am ignoring all e-mail messages with requests for it. If you do not like such policy, you can always use another client.

My previous link at University Computing Centre in Zagreb, Croatia was heavily overloaded so I've created an alternate page at GeoCities. Imperial College in London is much better connected, so you will (most likely) not need this alternate page.


104-103 charset; bad SSH key pass
103-102 16-bit; known.hosts; bad PGP pass

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