SSH Buddy (Linux/UNIX)

System Requirements

X-windows (xterm in path)
Tcl/Tk (probably 8.0.5) Download tcl8.0.5 tk8.0.5
Expect/Expectk (probably 5.28-29) expect5.30
SSH (developed using version 1.2.27) ssh-1.2.27

What it Does

This is a Expectk script that allows you to save time connecting to different hosts using ssh.  It saves your password, login ID, and other host info that you have to type over and over again to connect.   Once you save your connection information you can connect to a host with 2 clicks.   First you choose the name and then hit connect. It will save you a lot of time.


Saving passwds is optional.
Users can choose colors they want.
Faster than your speeding fingers.
Provides decent help for new users.
Remembers where you close it and pops up there next time.
Gives you nice error messages when you make a mistake.

Installing SSH Buddy

To unzip the source just do a tar -xvf sshbuddywhatever.tar Then read the README file.

[This Web page is archived here from the author's now-vanished Web pages. I have cleaned it up to remove broken links.]