Coolest Hostnames

[Archivist's note: This page was at http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~mengwong/coolhosts.html, disappearing in 1997.] This page will soon undergo a massive reorganization; I had not expected to find it listed on Yahoo's cool sites. Order will soon arrive. (Hey, if I can clean my room, I can clean anything!)


Prissy people, don't read.
Remember the guys at Riddler, where
I'm red metal on the outside,
Brown liquid on the inside,
Caffeine and sugar define me.
Classic or New, I'm the Real Thing.
wlll come out to something incomprehensible like "O.J. Simpson" for a whopping $1500? They want to use this page in their upcoming race. Since I agree that Internet Advertising is an unavoidable future, I've wimped out and, well, here you go, you click-happy little feverish websurfers.

why are you playing Riddler with lynx?


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