[web-team] [Officers] meeting directions

William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Sat Mar 26 21:14:59 PST 2005

Ian Kluft writes:
>Hmmm... I told the officers that I was working on the directions for the
>SVLUG meeting.  I see in the web-team archive that Bill Ward asked the web
>team to do the directions after I told the officers I was already doing that.

No, I asked Rick to post the address.  I said nothing about directions.

>I'm not on the web-team list.  But I have been doing the directions for
>SVLUG's web site for 7 years.  So I was not happy to find out that Bill
>asked others to do that *after* I said I was working on it, *after* I had
>visited the Westin to get GPS coordinates and advice from their staff, etc.
>Not happy at all...
>Why did you do that Bill?  You did the same thing with the Installfest
>*after* I told the officers and Mark Nielsen I'd do the directions for it.
>What gives?  You want me to stop helping?

No, I didn't tell anyone to write instructions to either the
Installfest OR the Westin.  Get your facts straight before making

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