[web-team] meeting directions

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Mar 26 13:55:18 PST 2005

Hi, Paul.  I appreciate your efforts, and concern for the well-being of
the group.

Looking from my perspective, as the currently sole active member of the
Web Team (despite ongoing hopes that Heather will find time again), I
created a needed page and set of maps -- only to see, to my
astonishment, my work get nuked by someone who has nothing to do with
the Web Team, and who did that without any consultation or contact.

> if you two want to be involved with SVLUG--and you both seem dedicated
> to the group, and we all hugely appreciate that; you are both valued
> members of the SVLUG team--you *have* to be able to work together.

Works for me.  But Ian's unilaterally nuking the webmaster's work, and
then complaining that people should "coordinate with" _him_, seems like
a really weird way to "work together".

I've merely been trying to do my job as webmaster.  That work not only
got interfered with; it got demolished.  All I've said is:  We really
cannot have this sort of thing happen.  

> I know Rick was going to do another survey today; I don't know what he
> was going for, but Rick: you can send those updates to me.

Checking my understanding of site logistics.  Also, you asked me to take

> Thanks for the previous work you both put in on this, guys.

Sure.  You're quite welcome.

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