[web-team] meeting directions

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sat Mar 26 13:23:27 PST 2005

On Sat, Mar 26, 2005 at 01:08:50PM -0800, J. Paul Reed wrote:
> On 26 Mar 2005 at 07:29:01, Rick Moen arranged the bits on my disk to say:
> > Hi, there.  I think indeed we have a problem:  A person who is neither
> > the webmaster nor on the Web team nor one of the two elected SVLUG
> > officers has used his possession of host root access to discard my
> > general meeting page, my general meeting maps, my distance measurements,
> > my public transit and parking instructions, and the results of my
> > in-person site survey.
> I quoted Rick's mail here, because I quoted Ian's above, but my initial
> response to BOTH your emails was: quit it guys.
> This feud you two have going is getting *really* old, and everyone is
> tired of it.  I don't care who did what to whom years ago. And frankly, no
> one else does either.  

Yes it is old.  After lasdt August, I don't respond to Rick any more.

I'll clarify that I don't have root access on the box.  I didn't remove
any files.  As far as I saw, only a small rudimentary incomplete set of
directions were on the box, which can still be found in the RCS file if
you need to compare.

None of what he claimed existed, which makes this whole thing look
intention to me.  OK, whatever.  So if this is what I have to put up with,
I will help solve this matter by stepping completely out of the way.
It's all yours.

Actually, SVLUG's politics have been the bane of my efforts to coordinate
sbay.org.  I really wish I had never considered Steve Traugott's proposal
to merge the two groups.  But it isn't too late to fix that if one of
SVLUG's elected officers would like to propose having SVLUG go its own way.
There's nothing I can do to stop you if you make that decision.  And believe
me, if you take your politics with you, it would be a relief.

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