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J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Sat Mar 26 13:08:50 PST 2005

On 26 Mar 2005 at 05:30:51, Ian Kluft arranged the bits on my disk to say:

> Why did you do that Bill?  You did the same thing with the Installfest
> *after* I told the officers and Mark Nielsen I'd do the directions for it.
> What gives?  You want me to stop helping?

Bill and I had a lunch meeting yesterday and, among other things, we
discussed the current "team's" (and I use the term loosely) track record
and ability to communicate with each other.

In short, it sucks.

We've got multiple people working on the same thing, stepping on each
other's toes and wasting precious time and effort; we've got people
speaking and acting upon SVLUG, via the website, email, and phone calls,
when they have no authority to do so. We've got officers who are unhappy
with the situation, and now, volunteers who are unhappy with the situation.

This has to stop.

As I told Bill, this is not a blame-finding mission, although I do blame
myself for not coordinating the lines of communication better.

Bill and I discussed some procedural changes we're going to be making that
will hopefully help here, but unless we start thinking of everyone who's
helping out as a team and not automatically assuming the worst intentions,
it doesn't matter how much communication we have; we're all going to fail.

And that's bad for SVLUG.

I want everyone to think about this issue. At some point in the short term
future (I'm thinking April), I'm going to call a dinner-meeting; I will
expect everyone who wants to help out with SVLUG to be there and I'll
schedule it enough in advance so that we can get everyone there. We'll be
talking about this, and other issues related to SVLUG's organization,
execution, and future.

And now, to specifically reply to an issue that I'd rather deal with
privately, but will respond to publicly because you both emailed public

On 26 Mar 2005 at 07:29:01, Rick Moen arranged the bits on my disk to say:

> Hi, there.  I think indeed we have a problem:  A person who is neither
> the webmaster nor on the Web team nor one of the two elected SVLUG
> officers has used his possession of host root access to discard my
> general meeting page, my general meeting maps, my distance measurements,
> my public transit and parking instructions, and the results of my
> in-person site survey.

I quoted Rick's mail here, because I quoted Ian's above, but my initial
response to BOTH your emails was: quit it guys.

This feud you two have going is getting *really* old, and everyone is
tired of it.  I don't care who did what to whom years ago. And frankly, no
one else does either.  

I'm not going to get in the middle of it or take sides, but I will tell
you: if you two want to be involved with SVLUG--and you both seem dedicated
to the group, and we all hugely appreciate that; you are both valued
members of the SVLUG team--you *have* to be able to work together.

You don't have to like each other. 

You don't have to get along with each other. 

You don't have to have Sunday brunch with each other.

But if you want to help out, you DO HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER. And you have to
do it without trying to get in these little pot shots at each other at every
possible opportunity.

That is, if you want to help SVLUG out.  And I hope you do.

BOTH of you.

I'll be addressing this further with both of you offline. 

But that's my official position, in regards to you two, and for ANY
volunteer who wants to help SVLUG out.

Now, in regards to the website/directions issue: for the Westin directions,
both of you can submit your updates to me. I will update the website for
this specific event.

I'm hoping that next time, we can coordinate who's working on what; for
this time around, I'll fix up the final version of the page. 

Rick and Ian: you can submit feedback about what's up there and what you'd
like to see PRIVATELY via email to me. I know Rick was going to do another
survey today; I don't know what he was going for, but Rick: you can send
those updates to me. Ian: I'll let you know when the updates are live, and
you can preview them and suggest changes.

Thanks for the previous work you both put in on this, guys.

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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