[web-team] meeting directions

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sat Mar 26 05:30:51 PST 2005

Hmmm... I told the officers that I was working on the directions for the
SVLUG meeting.  I see in the web-team archive that Bill Ward asked the web
team to do the directions after I told the officers I was already doing that.

I'm not on the web-team list.  But I have been doing the directions for
SVLUG's web site for 7 years.  So I was not happy to find out that Bill
asked others to do that *after* I said I was working on it, *after* I had
visited the Westin to get GPS coordinates and advice from their staff, etc.
Not happy at all...

Why did you do that Bill?  You did the same thing with the Installfest
*after* I told the officers and Mark Nielsen I'd do the directions for it.
What gives?  You want me to stop helping?

So, the real meeting directions are up now.  There will be some more tweaks
and a map still coming.  Coordinate with me next time, OK?

One very discouraged volunteer...

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