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William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Wed Mar 9 16:32:36 PST 2005

Rick Moen writes:
>Quoting William R Ward (bill at svlug.org):
>> We actually need two meeting locations now, one for the regular
>> meeting and one for the installfest.
>I'm extremely well aware of the need for a general meeting location.

I know.

>As is, surely, every other SVLUG member by now.

I am not so sure about that.  Not everyone comes to the meetings, and
if you procmail your mailing list mail into a folder you might not see
it.  Also, non-members who might just visit the site wouldn't know
about it.

>I didn't add a second news item (about needing general meeting space,
>too) at that time, because I was dealing with the immediate request, and
>because I was short on time on account of a very busy work day.
>Anyhow, I've now made the issue about as clear as I think one can!

Thanks - looks good now!

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