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William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Wed Mar 9 15:47:43 PST 2005

Rick Moen writes:
>Quoting Bill Kendrick (nbs at sonic.net):
>> I suggest that this, as well as the fact that we need a new meeting place,
>> should be placed in the SVLUG News section of the www.svlug.org front page.
>Wow, the bad news just keeps on coming.  This (also) hurts.  Well, I've 
>altered the news item, and changed the front-page (RHS) reference to the 
>installfest location, to match.
>In a minute or so, I'll see about the installfest subpage.

We actually need two meeting locations now, one for the regular
meeting and one for the installfest.  Please amend the article on the
home page to make that clear - it looks from the way it is now, that
we need a place for the installfest but just haven't mentioned where
the meeting is.


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