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Passing this along. :)

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bill, I have a favor - I just directed Atul to your site where his event
is posted and he asked that you make a change (he thought Trustgenix
boilerplate would be used....) I am sure you have been through this
before with folks -- sorry to put you through it with my team. Only the
first sentence has changed as he wanted to reference his firm. Thanks.

New description:
Atul Tulshibagwale is co-founder and CEO of Trustgenix, Inc., a leading
provider of standards-based Federated Identity Management software. Mr.
Tulshibagwale is a recognized industry expert on secure Web payment,
authentication, and privacy technologies for wired and wireless
networks. Prior to founding Trustgenix, Mr. Tulshibagwale was a
technology leader for five years at VeriSign, where he developed several
digital identity and payment products, including Qualcomm BREW "3G Code
Signing" Services, GoSecure! for Microsoft Exchange; the Personal Trust
Agent, and Personal Trust Service. Previously, Mr. Tulshibagwale was
co-founder of Entevo, an Internet security software firm that was
acquired by BindView Corporation. He was also a supercomputing expert at
the Indian Center for the Development of Advanced Computing. He holds an
M.Tech in Computer Science from University of Pune, India.

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Sounds good, thanks! :^)

On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 04:56:33PM -0500, Russell DeVeau wrote:
> Bill, I am going to get July 6th on the LAP Web site, under events. I
> took this blurb right from SVLUG's home page - anything else you want
> posted - or do you want this edited? Let me know. Thanks, Russ.

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