[web-team] Re: [LinuxPicnic] Picnix link added to SVLUG

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Sat Jul 31 17:07:05 PDT 2004

Marc MERLIN writes:
>I'm wondering how many people svlug should have on the web team. 
>In the past, we've had issues with too many members, and at some point all
>thinking that someone else "would do it" :)
>That said, right now, we only have Rick (effectively), so having a backup
>for him as well as someone who can share the load would be welcome I'm

I'd like to have the option to help out if it is needed, but I
wouldn't have time to do much.  There have been times when nobody
could be reached to update the page, and I'd like to make sure that
doesn't happen.

>I just need to verify your key somehow, so since I haven't signed your PGP
>key if you have one, either we can meet up at the picnic, or you can have
>Ian/Rick or someone else with a PGP key I know, verify you and send me a
>signed version of your ssh key.
>That'll be good enough for me to install it on the server

I set up a PGP key years ago but never had occasion to use it.  I
don't know if it still works or what.  I don't know how you would sign
an SSH key, but I'm happy to explore it.  Can we do it over the phone?
Or should I print it out and take it with me to the picnic or
something so you can confirm it's the same as the one in the email?

>Ideally, I would be there wednesday, but just found out that there is a big
>Reunion of former coworkers at the same time and that I face dire
>consequences if I don't show up :)

Good thing you don't have to speak then!  :-)


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