[web-team] Re: [LinuxPicnic] Picnix link added to SVLUG

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Sat Jul 31 16:01:50 PDT 2004

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 12:36:23PM -0700, Ian Kluft wrote:
> >From: bill at wards.net (William R Ward)
> >Ian Kluft writes:
> >>Meanwhile, Rick asked Marc for access to the SVLUG server to help maintain it.
> >>And Marc granted it to him.  So hopefully he and the others who volunteered
> >>(Alvin Oga and Jeff Go) will help reconstruct the SVLUG web team.
> >
> >I'd also be happy to help out.
> >
> >ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEA5ftQJGzm48laK3DOmBkQCtFS63/ivEHfKphTtnTbz3RKSB80Bf07l9bCV9p8IXdQ7uGfN5yWBHhcREm5HqoK+D59XxHzSOEbT9yu43s2nRy53cyYJ8umOckYscSX2saZKrEYeNWPF0XrpP9KhuC/8oLVac9AjsRyIq33ZbZNeHk= bill at komodo.home.wards.net
> OK, SVLUG's web site is on Marc Merlin's machine.  I've CC'ed this to him.
> I have others like sbay.org and speakers.sbay.org on my server, in case
> you were expressing interest in those...


I'm wondering how many people svlug should have on the web team. 
In the past, we've had issues with too many members, and at some point all
thinking that someone else "would do it" :)
That said, right now, we only have Rick (effectively), so having a backup
for him as well as someone who can share the load would be welcome I'm

I just need to verify your key somehow, so since I haven't signed your PGP
key if you have one, either we can meet up at the picnic, or you can have
Ian/Rick or someone else with a PGP key I know, verify you and send me a
signed version of your ssh key.
That'll be good enough for me to install it on the server

Ideally, I would be there wednesday, but just found out that there is a big
Reunion of former coworkers at the same time and that I face dire
consequences if I don't show up :)

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