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Hi there, is there anywhere on your sight you can make this posting 
available to SVLUG members?  If so, please posts for me.

Yau-Gene Chan

International Technological University

1650 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050
  Phone: (408) 556-9010   Fax: (408) 556-9212   Web: www.itu.edu

IT Security Certificate Program

“IT Security Named ‘Hottest Job of the Year’ for 2004”
Source: Challenger, Gray & Christmas

IT Security is a growing market, driven by corporate productivity loss 
and critical data loss.  IT Security Specialists command premium 
salaries as a result. This program is geared specifically for students 
with 2-10 years work experience in network or IT administration.  After 
the 5-course, 5-month program, students are transformed into IT 
Security Specialists with specific, delineated and verifiable skill 
sets - aimed to save corporations time and money.

“Worldwide IT Security market projected to reach
$45 billion in revenue by 2006 from $17 billion in 2001.”
Source: IDC

Top Silicon Valley executives and technology experts agree that the 
demand for workers with IT Security skill sets will stay in the Silicon 
Valley in the next 5-10 years, irrespective of the economy’s health.  
IT Security within a company’s IT infrastructure is one field which 
cannot be outsourced overseas.

“Security professionals earn in excess of
$100K in annual base salary and bonus.”
Source: Information Security Magazine

Program structure:
	5 Courses: 5 months to complete the IT Certificate Program
-	each course – 1 month to complete
-	each course – 32 lecture hours (8 hours lecture/week – total 160hrs)
-	each course – modular, can be taken independently and out of sequence
-	each course – costs $1,100

Start Date: August 30, 2004
Tuition: $5,500 (or $5,000 if all courses paid in advance)

Flexible Schedule: Evening classes

Academic Units:
ITU awards each course 2 units of credit towards the Master’s Degree in 
Computer Engineering (10 credit units total for the entire certificate 
program).  For students interested in the MSCE degree, please contact 
Professor Peng at (408) 556-9027 (email: chunmou at itu.edu).

Curriculum Director: 		John Yin
					Vice-President/CTO, Omniwerks
John Yin is one of the world’s foremost experts on network security. 
Most recently VP SW Engineering at Coppercom, John was founder of 
Redcreek Communications, a VPN startup. John also headed network 
security at NASA, where he was chosen to implement network connectivity 
and systems security for the White House website. Currently, John is 
CTO and VP of Omniwerks, a secure embedded systems company.

Security field - salary ranges:   	entry level: $80K-99K
					mid level: $100K-115K
					executive: $110K-170K
Source: Monster & Hotjobs Bay Area posting 7/04
IT Security Certificate Program Curriculum
5 Courses:
1. Network Security
2. Authentication & User Management
3. Application & Systems Security
4. Processes & Best Practices
5. Analysis

Detailed Breakdown
1.	Network Security
a.	Firewalls
b.	Content Filtering
c.	Intrusion Detection
d.	Cryptography (encryption, authentication, certificates)
e.	Virtual Private Networks (VPN); IPSEC
g.	Secure Shell (SSH)
2.	Authentication & User Management
Password/etc. Management
a.	RSA Secure ID
b.	Kerberos (MIT product – no cert – the BEST security system released)
c.	MS Active Directory Cert
d.	Cisco Cert
e.	Novell – IPX
f.	LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Managing user databases
Directory structure
3.	Application & Systems Security
Common services & pitfalls (e.g. email)
Administration theory & practice
a.	Apache, etc
b.	RSA
c.	spam
d.	Viruses
e.	Worms
f.	Trojan horses
4.	Processes & Best Practices
a.	Risk Analysis & Management
Determines percentages to all risks.  Unable to do so, follow industry 
ideas of “Best Practices”
b.	Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, HIPPA ,etc.
c.	denial of service
d.	distributed services/servers
e.	security audits
f.	Practical templates for application
g.	Disaster recovery
5.	Analysis
a.	Analysis of logs
b.	Forensics
c.	Auditing
d.	Incident Management
i.	Who to notify
ii.	CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team)

Please Note: This program has been specifically tailored to transform 
experienced network & IT administrators into high wage-earning IT 
Security Specialists.  You are the target customer, so ANY articulate 
feedback is greatly appreciated. We aim to deliver uncontested value, 
based on YOUR standards.

We appreciate your feedback, please contact:	Yau-Gene Chan
						ygchan at itu.edu
  						Phone:(408) 556-9010

Yau-Gene Chan
Executive Vice President
International Technological University
408-556-9020 dir
408-556-9010 front office
408-556-9212 fax
ygchan at itu.edu

More info on ITU:
ITU was founded in 1994 by Professor Shu-Park Chan, formerly Dean and 
Chair of the EECS Department at Santa Clara University for 30 years.  
Prof Chan started ITU to be a top flight hi-tech engineering school 
mixing classical theory with practical industrial application.
ITU boasts the FINEST FACULTY in the Bay Area.  ITU Instructors have 
their Ph.D. or terminal degrees from top universities, are mid-level 
working managers in the most successful Silicon Valley companies.  They 
lead the industry in practical hi-tech innovations that have made the 
Bay Area famous for technological leadership.  This working knowledge, 
they pass on to ITU students.
Historically, ITU graduates are well placed and higher paid in the job 
market after graduation, better prepared for the workplace demands, and 
retain their job even in a down economy.  For more information, please 
visit: www.itu.edu.

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