[web-team] volunteer

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Jul 9 14:56:55 PDT 2004

>From: J G <rhct95051 at yahoo.com>
>I want to get more experience in web services specially Apache in Linux.
>I would like to volunteer to be on the Web team.
>I am a Redhat Certified Technician.
>thank you
> jeff

Hi Jeff.  Thanks for volunteering.  (Do you mind if we ask what your
last name is?  It wasn't in your e-mail.  I think Marc will want to know
who you are in order to create an account on the server.)

We've had a number of people in SVLUG get swamped at work or at home with
new babies.  We fell behind on the recruitment of new volunteers so I'm
trying to help catch up with that.  I'm catching a few roles as they dropped,
as a member of the web team and the interim Speaker Coordinator.  But I'm
actually doing this as president of the parent organization sbay.org, which
SVLUG is a part of.  The buck stops here, for recruiting too.  So new
volunteers like you can definitely help repair this situation.

We currently do maintenance of the web site by SSH'ing into the server.
The files have revision control with RCS.  At some point these things
may get upgraded to some newer method, but not without someone leading
that charge.

The SVLUG web and mail server is a machine owned and operated by Marc Merlin.
He currently has it located at his employer, Google, in Mountain View.

The last info on the web team and its procedures is at
It looks mostly current, except that Joyce isn't as involved as she used
to be since her daughter was born last year.

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