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Saturday, January 17 2004
11:00am - 4:00pm

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Calendar Name: USvalley
Scheduled for: Saturday, January 17 2004, 11:00am - 4:00pm
Event text:    Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG):
	       Installfest/Workshop, San Jose
Category:      User Groups & SIGS
Details:       The Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG):
	       LOCATION: Accent Technology 1880 Hartog Drive San Jose,
	       DIRECTIONS: http://www.svlug.org/directions/accent.shtml
	       MAIN URL: http://www.svlug.org/
	       EVENT NOTES:
	       General Procedures 
	       The event itself is usually unformatted - no pre-set
	       schedule of activities. When you arrive, check with the
	       Installfest personnel (not the bookshop employees - we
	       do not want to interfere with their work) on where to
	       set up your system. We try to keep people with new
	       installations together, and people with troubleshooting
	       issues together. Then go to work - our gurus will be
	       there to help. Feel free to ask any question. 
	       There is no fixed schedule of acivities, though
	       occasionally we will have an expert come give a
	       mini-seminar on his or her area of expertise. 
	       Due to the finite size of the work area, we ask that you
	       be prepared to share tables with other installers. 
	       What To Do 
	       Bring your machine, including monitor and anything else
	       it needs to work. 
	       Bring a power strip. If we have a shortage of outlets,
	       people who bring power strips get priority at the wall
	       Whether you are doing a new Linux install or just an
	       upgrade, make a backup of your current system before you
	       come. If something goes wrong, we want to be sure that
	       you lose nothing critical. 
	       If you are installing a new version of Linux, bring your
	       installation CD and documentation. (Some Intel-based
	       installation CDs may be there for you to use, but don't
	       depend absolutely on it.) 
	       We try to have a 10baseT local-area network hooked up
	       among our machines, so bring your NICs! 
	       If you have one, bring an Ethernet hub. Since attendance
	       is somewhat unpredictable, it doesn't hurt to have
	       several extras. (Be sure to ask before connecting it -
	       we want a topology where one hub is just for other hubs
	       to connect to, and ideally only one-hub-deep connections
	       from there. Some distant parts of the room may need an
	       extra hub for that area.) 
	       Some regular participants have found it handy to make a
	       box of stuff they regularly bring to the Installfests. 
	       What Not To Do 
	       Don't count on others to have spare monitors, power
	       cables, keyboards, mice, non-Intel Linux distributions,
	       etc... although if you intended to bring them and
	       forgot, ask around before driving back home to get them.
	       Our hours of operation are 11am to 4pm. Don't arrive at
	       3:00 and expect to get much accomplished before we have
	       to shut down for the day. 
	       The Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG) is the
	       oldest and one of the largest Linux user groups in the
	       world. It's a group of Linux hobbyists, professionals
	       and enthusiasts in the vicinity of San Jose, California,
	       which is also internationally known as Silicon Valley.
	       members share interests in Linux and free or low-cost
	       implementations of Unix, as well as other open sourceTM
	       software. The group was originally formed in 1988 as the
	       PC-Unix Special Interest Group of the Silicon Valley
	       Computer Society. SVLUG celebrated its 10th anniversary
	       at the March 4, 1998 meeting, where Linus Torvalds
	       addressed an audience of 500 people.

This event repeats on the third Saturday every  month forever.

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