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Rick Moen rick at
Fri Aug 27 19:53:32 PDT 2004

Quoting Bill Kendrick (nbs at

> Woah!  I somehow missed that. :^)

There are all sorts of little corners.  I occasionally make tweaks to 
try to assist people in navigating the site.  E.g., a guy a week or so
ago sent me mail suggesting adding all sorts of Linux news Web sites to
the site front page's "Other Linux News" section, near the bottom.  At
the time, I pointed out that _all_ of his suggestions are already
included in the Link Farm page.

However, on reflection, I considered that there might be a way to make 
the connection to the Link Farm for additional news sources more obvious.
So, today, I added a "(more...)" hyperlink, next to the front page's
five news links, cluing in readers about that.

> Web-team, feel free to add:
>   Tux Paint
>   An Open Source drawing program for young children, which speaks
>   dozens of languages, and runs on various platforms.


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