[web-team] Web update request: speaker coordinator

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 19 17:55:08 PDT 2004

Quoting Bill Kendrick (nbs at sonic.net):

> Actually, on the front page, there's this.  Not sure if that's what
> Don was talking about (probably not), but it was the only ref I could
> find.  (I figured I'd let you grep the HTML files on the server)

OK, so I'm probably a little bit more blond (i.e., dim) than usual,
today:  I see what you're referring to.

That news snippet was one of the preexisting ones (ones already present 
in svlug-news.txt) when I started updating the site.  All I did with it
was (1) lightly edit it for brevity, and (2) supply an expiration date
on it (of 2004-12-31).

The snippet's phrase "Call For Speakers" is a hyperlink:  I never
really noticed, until a moment ago, that it points to
http://speakers.sbay.org/call4speakers.html .

So, when Don said "please remove links to the SBAY Speakers Bureau", 
he probably meant "please deep-six that hyperlink".  Done!

(BTW, I fixed the capitalisation of "Call for Speakers", in passing.)

> I have to say, I'm not particularly happy or comfortable with the
> personal issues that have already come up over here....

Just to reiterate:  *I* don't have personal issues with anyone around
here, including that specific other guy.  Yes, I'm aware he doesn't like
_me_, but my point is that it's unilateral -- and I try to be careful to
avoid raining on his parade.

In fact, if I ever came to realise that I'd done something that wronged
this gentleman, I'd gladly apologise and attempt to set things right.
(Note:  Accurately detailing one of the guy's past deeds isn't a wrongful 
act.  Pointing out evasions about that deed isn't, either.)  

But, far as I can tell, I've been just minding my own business.  If the
other guy's still unhappy, I do regret that, because I wish him well.  

If there's something that I can do, or not do, to make the other guy
happier, please let me know.  (Short of "Fsck off and die", anyway. ;->  ) 

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