[web-team] Found some more

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Aug 13 23:50:23 PDT 2004

Updated officers.shtml, installfest/index.shtml, sw/index.shtml,
membership.shtml, directions/accent.shtml .  Lots of little things,
e.g., the installfest page no longer advises attendees to avoid
bothering the bookstore employees.

Also added a couple of monthly maintenance items to teams/web-team.shtml 
that seem to have been inadvertantly omitted:

o  After each meeting, update the events.html file that is referenced
   from the Web site's front page via include directive, to update the
   meeting date, speaker, and topic. (Put "TBA" until these things are

o  Once a month, you'll also want to update the upcoming-dates list on
   the installfest/index.shtml page.

QUERY:   For the officers.shtml page, should the entry for name of
"Speaker Coordinator" be "(open)"?  I'm sure it's not Steve Traugott
any more, at a minimum (which is what the page says).  

I just now worked out the mechanics of how WebFetch populate the "SVLUG
News" table by parsing individual items from svlug-news.txt .  Very clever!
Good job, Ian!

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