[web-team] Updated: about, sponsors, search, E-mail lists, events, mbone, web-team, header, index

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Aug 13 21:33:10 PDT 2004

(Please note two items marked "QUERY".)

o  I've updated the http://www.svlug.org/about.shtml exactly as proposed.
   Along the way, I fixed lots of small grammar and punctuation

o  On http://www.svlug.org/sponsors.shtml , I re-found the Linuxcare 
   logo file (unbroke that link).  Also updated descriptions for
   that (more-or-less defunct) company, Red Hat, TurboLinux, and SUSE.
   Also variously fixed or removed related hyperlinks.  

   Rendered correct our claim that Linux-distro manufacturer sponsors 
   are listed in alphabetical order.  ;->  (Once upon a time, it was,
   but someone corrected "Pacific HiTech" to "TurboLinux" without
   bothering to fix the list order.)

o  On http://www.svlug.org/search.shtml, fixed grammar/spelling/punctuation.
   Corrected "mailing list subhost" link, which confusingly took users
   to the SVLUG front page.  (Yes, I do understand how this happened.)

   Added "jobs" to the roster of mailing lists.  Corrected SSC search 

o  On http://www.svlug.org/policies/list-policy.shtml , updated 
   "send job offers to officers" language to refer to the jobs list.
   Updated "Mozilla Mail" reference to "Mozilla Thunderbird".  
   Provided hyperlinks for Mozilla Thunderbird and for mutt.  
   Added text advising Outlook and OE users about gratis plugins 
   to make those MUAs quote properly.  Clarified description of 
   .sig delimiter.  

   QUERY:  Existing text says MIME for PGP signatures is OK.  Do
   we want to add (below that) that other MIME isn't OK?  If "yes",
   a link to http://expita.com/nomime.html would be useful.  That
   page is offline; I have it mirrored as "HTML Mail Disabling" on

o  On http://www.svlug.org/events.shtml, I've corrected the 
   installfest link.  (Was outdated elsewhere, too.)  

   Replaced the wording "A prominent SVLUG member" (reference to 
   yr. humble servant) with "A long-time SVLUG member".  I'd rather
   that people browsing SVLUG's pages consider me old than egotistical.
   ;->  Especially as people notice I'm these pages' maintainer.

o  On http://www.svlug.org/teams/web-team.shtml , added parenthetical
   sentence to explain why there's a "list" of virtual Web hosts 
   comprising a single entry.  Did the usual roundup on 

   Replaced link to the ancient, obsolete unmaintained SSH FAQ
   with one to the current, maintained one.

   QUERY:  Page says "We have only a 486...."  What is it really?

o  On http://www.svlug.org/mbone.shtml , corrected name of BayLISA,
   plus did the usual.  Changed "We hope that, in 1999, SVLUG will"
   to "We hope that, soon, SVLUG will".

o  On both header.shtml and index.shtml, I've commented out the 
   LinuxPicnic banner link and text, with a comment that it'll 
   probably need to be brought back out of mothballs sometime
   around May-July 2005.

o  On events.html and meetings.shtml, changed "next meeting" text
   to refer to Sept. 1, 2004, with speaker and topic "TBA".

Other little corrections throughout.

The good news is that I think we're now in good shape.  I _think_ 
the only area for significant additional work is the Link Farm, 
which could use expansion (but has nothing broken any more).

As always, let me know if you spot anything.

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