[web-team] Getting started

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Aug 2 18:32:41 PDT 2004

Hi, all. Think we're caught up, to a first approximation:  That
includes, most vitally, putting up August meeting data.  I changed no
other substantive content.

My quick circuit through the HTML on Friday included index.shtml,
farm.shtml, events.shtml, events.html, footer.*, header.*,
404handler.shtml, projects.shtml, mbone.shtml, meetings.shtml,
membership.shtml, news.shtml, officers.shtml, prevmeet.shtml,
search.shtml, sponsors.shtml, and wrkshop.shtml.  In part, I was
reacquainting myself with site design -- including what *.shtml or
*.html files are currently orphaned (not linked to), of which there are 
16 in the main directory.  (I left them alone; I just made a note of
them for my reference.)

(In case anyone cares:)  As I went through, I lightly fixed up
punctuation, grammar, capitalisation, and spelling:  We now have the
following words (among others, I hope!) correctly spelled:  February,
accommodate, liaison, compatibility, tunneling, European, Slashdot,
specific, hierarchical, Stanford, SUSE, and Linux(!).

> We have a cronscript that gets verbose about leaving locked files up, so 
> do remember to ci -u :)

Noticed that.  ;->

> BTW, Ian's right - the last 'useful' thing I did on the site was push
> Margaret's offered cleanups into the web links section, and I think it 
> could stand more work.  

OK, will look at it -- along with the job-policy item Don mentioned.

> Oh yeah, almost forgot.  Welcome aboard!

Nice to be back.  Glad to help.

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