[web-team] Re: [LinuxPicnic] Picnix link added to SVLUG

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Aug 2 11:33:20 PDT 2004

Marc MERLIN writes:
>On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 05:07:05PM -0700, William R Ward wrote:
>> don't know if it still works or what.  I don't know how you would sign
>> an SSH key, but I'm happy to explore it.  Can we do it over the phone?
>We could but I'll be honest that I won't necessarily recognize your voice.
>(sorry, you can tell my job and security have gotten the better of me
>sometimes :)

Did you see Ian's latest message on the speakers list?  Someone needs
to update the site ASAP.  Bill Kendrick volunteered but he needs to be
given access.  Or I could, if we could find a way to resolve the key
signing issue.

>> Or should I print it out and take it with me to the picnic or
>> something so you can confirm it's the same as the one in the email?
>Considering it's not that far away, that sounds like the best deal, yep.
>You can also give it to Ian since he also has root

Now that Ian is boycotting the job, I think the priority needs to be

>> Good thing you don't have to speak then!  :-)
>Indeed :)

Did you have a good time?

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