[web-team] Your entry in the Linux Counter

Linux Counter errors at counter.li.org
Wed Oct 22 21:46:31 PDT 2003

This mail is sent to every user registered with the Linux Counter
whenever he has not logged into the counter for a year, to ascertain
that their email address still works, and that they still wish to be
listed as a Linux user.

In order to reassure us that your entry is still valid, please visit
http://counter.li.org/person and log in using your registration number
and password from this email.

Users who don't respond will be deleted after a while, to make sure
only valid entries remain in the database.

Thank you!

All comments: help at counter.li.org

Your record was created:   1999-11-30 23:48:38

//KEY 155274-37079
# The key is your password to update info in the counter
//REPLYTO webmaster at svlug.org
# Your registered email for messages from the counter
# This email is NOT visible to other people

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