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Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Thu May 8 12:59:10 PDT 2003

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 01:08:49AM -0700, Steve Traugott wrote:
> > Either way, people on svlug-announce shouldn't be in digest mode anyway
> I'll forward them to you when they yell at me after their digests
> arrive on Thursday...  The 'announce' lists feeds to 'svlug', which
> does have digest users.

Please do.
1) If this has been a problem, maybe we should take care of it earlier
   than 01:xx  the day of the meeting :)
2) Being the listmaster, send me all the whiners, I'll take them off
   your back. If they complain about getting the announcement too late,
   they can subscribe to the announce list too

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 01:00:27AM -0700, Steve Traugott wrote:
> Ummm... that means that we'll always have to have a Google employee as
> an SVLUG officer.

When I don't admin the machine anymore, it can be moved wherever.
Since I'm the one who built it, admins it, and takes care of fixing it
when there are issues, I chose to have it closeby (I had other options,
including HE or above.net, but driving to either location in rush hour
traffic sucks)

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 01:18:13AM -0700, Steve Traugott wrote:
> Me and Joyce too -- we just dragged in after working half the night
> again, and don't have time to deal with this sort of bureacracy this
> late at night.  What was supposed to be a simple task has just turned
> into a time-consuming impossibility.
Let's not over do it here.
1) You never mentionned there was a problem and you try to fix the
   internals of mailman 2.1cvs, with which you're not very familiar, in
   the middle of night
2) I ran the commands you wanted within 1:30secs of when you tried, even
   though I was deep into other work.
> Google has a right to protect their net; we shouldn't be hosting our
> machine someplace where our own officers can't administer it.  

Long story, I just didn't have/take the time to fix that little issue
after I got the machine installed.
Truth is, you're the only other person with root right now and you did
not try to use it in the last 6 months, so I kind of forgot about the

I talked to our security person yesterday, and it's cool, so I reenabled
sudo yesterday.
See, it wasn't a big deal, I just needed a few hours to figure it out :)

Also, while I'm the main admin for the machine, I'd like to know what
other admins are doing so that we don't step on one another.

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 10:52:33AM -0700, Steve Traugott wrote:
> With a baby on the way, due around the end of May, Joyce and I have
> come to a tentative conclusion that it would be better to plan a
> sabbatical for us now rather than have both of us burn out and hit the
> wall in June.  Joyce and I both want to stay involved in a leadership
> capacity; we both value SVLUG highly.  
That makes perfect sense, you well deserve the time off.

> - Find someone who's interested in being primary speaker coordinator
>   for at least the next several months.  By "primary" I mean they own
>   the job, have the weight on their head, assume full responsibility
>   for making sure we have quality speakers lined up, do the intros,
>   pick up the tab for their dinner, etc.  The whole job.  My

The speaker coordinator shouldn't pick up the tab.
If we do, we should split between the officers

> - As far as moving the svlug machine, if Marc's interested, the offer
>   stands, now or later.  The T-1 and rack space is there (ERPS.Org
>   hosts their web site and cluster there now).  If Marc wants to think
>   about it for a few more months, that would be fine too; maybe then
>   I'll have time to do more than just plug it in.
It's more hassle for me to move it than have it where I can touch it
With sudo solved, it shouldn't be an issue.

BTW, thank you to Joyce and you for your help.
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