[web-team] Jim talking about Google

Jim Reese jreese at google.com
Mon Mar 24 22:05:04 PST 2003

--- From the cerebral cortex of Marc MERLIN came ---
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 04:19:23PM -0800, Joyce Cao Traugott wrote:
> > We still haven't heard anything from him.  
> I just called him and he said he had sent this like I thought he had.
> Steve, you didn't receive anything either?
> Either way, he's going to send this to me.

Third time's the charm:

"Scaling the Web: An Overview of Google (A Linux Cluster for Fun and

How to build an internet search engine that indexes several terabytes
of data, over 3 billion web documents, and serves it up at a rate of
thousands of requests per second.  (Hint: Start with a farm of 10,000+
Linux servers).  The technology behind Google: company overview,
search parameters and results, hardware and query load balancing,
Linux cluster topology, scalability, fault tolerance, and more.

Jim Reese, Chief Operations Engineer, Google Inc.

Jim Reese joined Google in 1999 as employee No. 18. Since that time,
Jim has played a key role in managing the hardware and network
infrastructure development to support Google's growth. Specifically,
Jim directed the expansion of Google's server farm and network from
300 machines to the current number of more than 10,000. To manage all
of these machines, Jim implemented a highly automated system for
remotely administering and monitoring the entire cluster. Jim also
contributed to optimizing Google's network to transfer the terabytes
of data involved in the search engine index. Prior to joining Google,
Jim worked as a neurologic and computer consultant for SRI
International. At SRI, he helped to develop software for qualitative
analysis of magnetic resonance images (MRIs) of the human brain.

Jim received a BA in biology from Harvard and an MD from Yale medical
school.  In addition to having been a singer and guitarist in a number
of bands that have released several CDs, Jim is a trained

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