[web-team] help needed!

Mauritians Using Linux Group mulgroup at eml.cc
Sun Mar 9 09:01:04 PST 2003

Dear people from the SVLUG,

We need your help setting Webfetch on our server.  Actually, the fact is
that we do not know how to install it, nevermind understanding how PERL
modules work.  We need Webfetch so as we do not have to fetch Linux Today
headlines everytime we update our site, that is once a week (call us

By the way, we are also a LUG and are called the Mauritians Using Linux
Group.  We are found in Mauritius, Indian Ocean.  Our site can be found
at http://mulg.topcities.com.

Anyway, please have a pleasant Sunday.

Yours faithfully,
Aadil Noorkhan.
  Mauritians Using Linux Group
  "We're that little fly in Microsoft's ointment!"  


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