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To whom it may concern:

	My name is Kevin Lebo and the reason I am writing you today is because we
have begun the process of forming our own LUG here in the Mid-Ohio Valley
(specifically Parkersburg, West Virginia).  I'm looking at the website for
the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group and thinking how great it would be if
we could even have half the success of your organization.  There are only
ten of us starting off and we have some ideas of how to market ourselves and
conduct our meetings but I'm looking to find out from some established LUGs
if there are any startup tips your organization might be able to provide us
with.  Thanks for your time.

Kevin Lebo, CCNA
Mid-Ohio Valley Linux Users Group
Day: (304) 424-5457
Night: (304) 428-4303
email: Kevin at KevinLebo.com

Silicon Valley Linux Users Group Officers
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