[web-team] MS Windoze Refunds?

Allan Bonadio allan at tactileint.com
Fri Jun 20 23:00:35 PDT 2003

This may seem like a dumb question - but is Microsoft giving refunds 
for people who buy PC's and don't use Windoze?  (like me obviously)

I've been scouring the web, and the latest update was from 1999 - you 
guys had that Refund Day demonstration that was ultimately 
unsuccessful.  I also heard of one guy in Australia who actually got 
a refund, but that's it.

So I figure, the answer must be obvious - so obvious that nobody's 
bothered to write it down for the clueless like me.  Either MS gives 
refunds - everybody knows that! it's easy!    ...or, MS never gives 
refunds!  Everybody knows that!  Don't even think about it!

If you came right out and said it, explicitly, on your page about 
Windows Refund Day, just one sentence, that would be cool!



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