[web-team] Caldera still listed as sponsor on SVLUG web

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Mon Jun 9 09:42:04 PDT 2003

begin Marc MERLIN quotation of Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 03:45:24PM -0700:
> On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 11:34:09AM -0700, Heather Stern wrote:
> > Thanks, Ian! And while we're at it, are there any notable sponsors we
> > should add?  VA's not the system-host nowadays, Marc's current employer
> > is - for instance.  
> Sure, although they're not doing it for publicity.
> It doesn't matter either way :)

But having the incoming link will help them come up higher on...oh,
never mind.

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