[web-team] breaking Bldg 9 directions into multiple pages

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Wed Jun 4 13:11:56 PDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 03:59:51PM -0700, Ian Kluft wrote:
> >From: star at starshine.org (Heather Stern)
> >As long as it's lynx-clean, I'm happy...
> I haven't tested it with lynx yet.  (It was late last night when this
> was finished.)  But it was lynx-clean before I split it up.

Not bad, minor tweaks.

I ficed all the "up to intro" links so they work; they were pointing at 
the intro page as if it were in the docroot. 

After we get past the general mass of links from rel= entries (which
lynx happily displays all smushed together) thinks look pretty good.
	My first thought is it might behave better if we use   in them.
	But, I worry if this disturbs SGML browsers which use the chapter 
	links?  So, I simply used this as a warning that things are
	pointing to #tags that don't exist or are really on a different
	sub-page than you must have originally planned.  Unfortunately
	the into page itself still looks pretty odd, unless we introduce
	a #tag on it too and make the redirect go there.  What do you
	Added targets: cisco-9-transit.shtml#transit 
	Fixed targets to correct subfile:
		page/section cisco-9-drive-sw.shtml#west-valley,
		"directions for Santa Clara" 
		"alternate directions for Sunnyvale"

line wrap problem here, based on PRE lineup:

	Building 9 is at Cisco's East Tasman campus, on East Tasman Dri

I tweaked it so it fits, by merging the crosstreets description into one
line.  Hope that's ok.

Campbell's web site link is correct as far as I can tell, but appears to
be down at the moment.

> >Sounds good.  I agree, the redirect should stay for good, since SVLUG is
> >so commonly pointed into it's hard to say how many sites have "building
> >9" pointed at directly that way.
> >
> >We don't need to give anyone directions from the airport, do we?
> We already do.  That's been there for years.  I just didn't list it
> in the summary.  But it's on the page.
>    http://www.svlug.org/directions/cisco-9-drive-south.shtml#87-downtown
> Though you've gotten ahead of me.  I was thinking for next month's meeting,
> when the BART SFO/Millbrae extension is supposed to be open, to add a
> separate page for "fly-in" directions from all the airports, airline and
> general aviation, using driving or transit from the airports.

Of course we have airport directions :) which are useful to the speakers we 
have come in from wherever.  I had been thinking more along the lines that 
we don't usually have herds of penguins flying in to see these talks, so 
splitting it off didn't make sense yet.  But yes, if they're going to get 
that complicated, then sure, give it another page when you're ready.

May as well add Reid-Hillview private airport, with a general suggestion
that San Jose is much closer. A pal of mine who's a private pilot
(though he sold his small plane sometime during the boom for an ok
profit - he'd gotten the twin-engine hours he wanted) preferred to land
at Reid-Hillview because the fees there are cheaper and there's no 
competing commercial traffic.
> As a cleanup item, I should also add a note to the beginning of all sets
> of directions that will refer anyone to a different page...  "If you are
> printing this set of directions, you'll also need [pages/links]."
Sounds good.  I'll let you decide which parts would need that.

> We'll also have some changes coming up in October.  I noticed that VTA's
> announcement of their massive cutbacks actually has a huge *improvement*
> for SVLUG.  All the buses from Fremont BART will be combined into one line
> that stops at the Great Mall and ends at Baypointe (which is 1/2 mile
> from Bldg 9 and 1 mile from Bldg J.)  The buses previously went to
> central Milpitas or downtown SJ, both with inconvenient transfers to get
> anywhere near SVLUG.  They were trying to make it so people have to jump
> on the light rail to get to downtown - but they'll practially drop people
> off at SVLUG.  So that'll improve access to SVLUG for members from the
> East Bay - return buses should run late and non-stop to Fremont BART too.

Hah.  They'll have to fire someone for making it more useful during
cutback season.   It'll probably slightly improve our attendance; I'll
mention it to the linuxdojo (Hayward LUG) folks when the change drops in.

Of course, now that we've spoken of it, we have no idea what Murphy will
do about this :)

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