[web-team] Caldera still listed as sponsor on SVLUG web

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Wed Jun 4 11:34:09 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 04:08:30AM -0700, Ian Kluft wrote:
> I guess Steve and Joyce are busy right now.  (Duh.)  So if no one objects,
> I'd like to remove Caldera from the list of sponsors on sponsors.shtml.
> It looks like it was already dropped from the rotating list of images in 
> images/sponsor_imgs/*

Yes, I approve. They haven't directly contributed resources for a long while;
this removal has nothing to do with SCO's current tantrum.
> If we want, we can add to the pressure by posting a statement on the
> web site saying something like, "Over the years SVLUG has helped to
> distribute thousands of Caldera Linux CDs.  Never again.  That support
> has ended due to SCO/Caldera's hostile statements and activity toward
> Linux users."
> Of course, it's just a suggestion/idea - any such statement is up to
> SVLUG's elected leaders.

Alternatively, if one of our members were to write up a sufficiently
detailed article poking the pins in them, we can add it to the left-hand
side list of writeups.  There's some pretty dusty ones on there right
now because there haven't been enough recent ones to push them off the 
scroll.  Now, Rick Moen just posted this silly little
gilbert-and-sullivan "I am the Very Model of a Modern SCO Executive"
to the CABAL list.  I'm sure something of the spirit can be put
together by someone.   :D

> I also found references to Caldera in...
> $ cd /home/httpd/html
> $ find . -type f | xargs grep -li caldera
> ./2001-06/mjr.2001-06-13.015
> ./RCS/farm.shtml,v
> ./RCS/sponsors.shtml,v
> ./RCS/linuxlinks.shtml,v
> ./RCS/linux-security.shtml,v
> ./events/RCS/tea-party-199811.shtml,v
> ./tech-notes/RCS/dists-2.2-locs.shtml,v
> ./events/tea-party-199811.shtml
> ./events/tea-party-199811-kluft
> ./events/tea-party-199811-merlin
> ./events/tea-party-199811-kluft.shtml
> ./events/tea-party-199811-merlin.shtml
> ./events/tea-party-199811-marti
> ./events/tea-party-199811-marti.shtml
> ./events/tea-party-199811-moen.shtml
> ./events/tea-party-199811-moen

I think it can stay in the historicals.

> ./farm.shtml

Margaret Wendall has helped chased down some of the dusty links on the
linkfarm; I can apply some of those cleanups too.  While we've got the 
*coff coff* whisk broom out anyway!

> ./logs/log.details.html
> ./logs/index.html

does anyone read these?

> ./linux-security.shtml
> ./press/presskit.html
> ./#linuxlinks.html#
> ./linuxlinks.shtml
> ./tech-notes/dists-2.2-locs.shtml
> ./fetch/cnet.html
> ./student.shtml
> ./sponsors.shtml

Thanks, Ian! And while we're at it, are there any notable sponsors we
should add?  VA's not the system-host nowadays, Marc's current employer
is - for instance.  

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