[web-team] breaking Bldg 9 directions into multiple pages

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Mon Jun 2 15:44:56 PDT 2003


I started on splitting up the Cisco Bldg 9 directions into smaller files
based on the direction you're coming from (or bicycle or transit pages.)
Hopefully that'll be done tonight.  It should make life easier on people
who print the directions - that's the reason members have requested this
change.  The files are still a work-in-progress.  But in case some of you
stumble upon them, their names within /home/httpd/html/directions are

  cisco-9-intro.shtml           the main page for the directions, info about
                                the building itself
  cisco-9-sitenav.shtml         an include file used by all the Cisco Bldg 9
                                directions with a Moz/NS7 compatible navbar
                                with links to each section of the directions
                                in the correct file

  cisco-9-bike.shtml            directions by bicycle
  cisco-9-drive-east.shtml      driving directions from the east (Milpitas,
                                Berryessa, East SJ, East Bay)
  cisco-9-drive-south.shtml     driving directions from the south (downtown,
                                south SJ, south county) 
  cisco-9-drive-sw.shtml        driving directions from the southwest
                                (Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell,
                                Saratoga, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz)
  cisco-9-drive-west.shtml      driving directions from the west (Mtn View,
                                peninsula, SF)
  cisco-9-transit.shtml         directions by public transit

When this is done, I'll turn /home/httpd/html/directions/cisco-9.shtml (which
will remain intact until its replacements are ready) into a redirect page
pointing at cisco-9-intro.shtml.  So there won't need to be immediate changes
to other links on the site.  Let's leave a redirect there permanently so we
won't break people's bookmarks.

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