[web-team] Referral

Alan Butz abutz at acsdallas.com
Tue Jul 1 13:53:03 PDT 2003

How are things going?  I merely wanted to touch base and see who you know
for a position that we now have available.  I figured that you may know some
people that would be good for this opportunity.  Please pass it along to
anyone that you think may be interested.

Here is the position description.

Sr. Systems Software Engineer
Development and validation of software for wireless platforms. Support
software engineers in the development and debug of low-level device drivers
especially targeted at security.
Define requirements/specifications
Hands-on driver/API development, integration and validation
Interface and support SW development teams, both internal and external,
during development and integration of drivers and applications.

B.S./M.S. in CS, EE, or related field
4+ years experience
-Strong knowledge of embedded operating system environments (Linux OS
internals experience required).
-Must have hands-on experience with device driver development, integration,
validation, and Kernel-mode development and debugging.
-Working knowledge of OS memory management systems and MMU hardware.
-Hands-on experience with C/C++.
-Experience with ARM based platforms including assembly programming and
-Broad-based knowledge of the embedded systems software, and ability to
apply that knowledge personably to external and internal customer support.
Broad knowledge includes the ability to function comfortably from the
application layer on high-level OS down to the device driver and hardware
and all the associated implications of OS internals/architecture.
-Knowledge of cryptographic security is a plus.
-Manage multiple tasks simultaneously and take initiative to overcome
barriers in a self-directed project environment.
-Good communication and presentation skills, and team player.

Anyone come to mind?  I will keep your name confidential.

Alan Butz, CPC
Advanced Communication Solutions
15851 Dallas Parkway #335
Addison, TX 75001
972-392-9230 x7911

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