[web-team] feedback from SVLUG website

Jeremy McCarthy jeremy at hireloop.com
Thu May 9 00:58:17 PDT 2002

My company recently launched an interesting product that I'd like to
introduce to you for use by your LUG members.  We host the career section
for venture capital firm public web sites.  Sequoia Capital is our first
client, and we recently launched Foundation Capital as well.

Our first two clients have posted over 200 jobs on their web sites and can
be accessed at www.hireloop.com or at their individual web sites
(www.sequoiacap.com and www.foundationcapital.com).  The reason I'm
forwarding this on to you is because we'd like to grow traffic to these
sites organically through word-of-mouth.  I think your group has some high
caliber members with quality networks, and those are the exact types of
candidates we're trying to attract to these sites.  The emphasis is on
quality, not quantity.  And the site is designed in a way to allow your
members to easily search through job openings at many venture-backed
companies at the same time.

I'm not sure if there is an appropriate way to communicate this to your
members or if this is even something of interest, but I wanted to touch base
to make you aware of it.  Thanks for your time.  Please don't hesitate to
contact me with any questions or concerns.


Jeremy McCarthy
CEO & Founder
HireLoop, Inc.
415-221-0171 (phone)
415-533-0810 (mobile)
415-723-7747 (fax)
jeremy at hireloop.com

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